Sky High: The Junior Novelization By James Thomas

Looks like this was based on one of the earlier drafts of the script, but the differences to the movie are very subtle. The school is much larger than it appears on screen, Layla dresses more like a hippie, Magenta's hairstyle doesn't have purple streaks; it's entirely purple.

There are very few extra details, and a few missing scenes like when Will and Warren are thrown into detention or when Steve and Josie discuss Will's lack of powers. I though it was funny that the word Xbox was also changed to game box, probably for some sort of legal reasons. Paperback

At Sky High, the academy for teen super beings, you’re either a hero or a sidekick . . . and nobody wants to be a sidekick. But that shouldn’t be a problem for Will Stronghold, his parents are the two greatest super-powered heroes on the planet. There’s only one problem–Will’s parents are so busy saving the world, they don’t realize that their son doesn’t have any superpowers! If Will is going to make it at Sky High, he’ll have to prove that he’s got what it takes to be a hero–or be doomed to spend the rest of his life as a sidekick.
Catch every Pow!, Zap!, and Kaboom! of the action in this complete retelling that features eight pages of full-color movie stills from the exciting new Disney live-action film Sky High. Sky High: The Junior Novelization


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