Skills and Drills Reloaded By Ben Stoeger

Mr. Stoeger knows his stuff! This book along with his others are a practical library of drills and explanations of them and tips on how use and improve while doing the drills. I like the extra writing he puts into the drills and what to expect if A happens or B happens. Most books are just rehashed drills with no information on them, except round count and maybe the time limits. Mr. Stoeger gives information on all kinds of points that people want to know and don't have to guess. Science


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This book contains the live fire training exercises used by IPSC World Champion and USPSA National Champion Ben Stoeger The drills are put together with material to help you craft your own training routine and take your shooting to the next level If you compete in Practical Shooting and you want to get better then this book contains the keys to the castle This is the updated version of the popular Skills and Drills Get this book and reload your training Skills and Drills Reloaded

A lot of paper, minimum info, some technics outdated Science Ich habe bereits einige Bücher zu diesem Thema gekauft. Dies ist meiner Meinung nach das beste von allen und kann es nur empfehlen. Science So many drills to improve your skills in an easy laid out easy to read book. Plenty of space to make notes and record your par times. A necessity to any serious shooter looking to improve! Science Per chi approccia al mondo del tiro dinamico, unito ad altri manuali, ti può aiutare a migliorare. Va saputo leggere perché bisogna capire se gli esercizi proposti solo al livello del tiratore o no. Science This book is loaded with tons of drills and info to help new and experienced shooters. The drills along with training plan reccomendations are incredibly useful. I recommend the paperback over the kindle version though so you can throw it in your range bag for reference when setting up drills.I would recommend any of Ben Stoegers books to anybody serious about becoming a better competitive pistol shooter. Science