Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History By Iain Borden

Bought for Christmas Pressie for nephew. He loved it! Iain Borden Trash, waste of paper and money Iain Borden Exhaustivo y bien explicado (en inglés), con un enfoque muy global del skate, no se deja nada en el tintero, ni siquiera temas más teóricos y filosóficos, además de explicar su historia bajo muchos puntos de vista (los skaters, la técnica, los espacios, los medios, las marcas). Imprescindible para conocer el skate en su globalidad. Iain Borden Extremely comprehensive and detailed Iain Borden With great love for detail and a wide spektum of skateboard history, this book is the best out there. Capturing all aspects of skateboarding and not just street skating. Well done! Iain Borden

The story of a subculture that grew from the surf beaches of 1960s California to today's vibrant and complex global urban phenomenon.Skateboarding is both a sport and a way of life. Creative, physical, graphic, urban and controversial, it is full of contradictions a billion dollar global industry which still retains its vibrant, counter cultural heart. Skateboarding and the City presents the only complete history of the sport, exploring the story of skate culture from the surf beaches of '60s California to the latest developments in street skating today. Written by a life long skater who also happens to be an architectural historian, and packed through with full colour images of skaters, boards, moves, graphics, and film stills this passionate, readable and rigorously researched book explores the history of skateboarding and reveals a vivid understanding of how skateboarders, through their actions, experience the city and its architecture in a unique way. Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History

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