Shining Light on Transcendence: The unconventional journey of a Neuroscientist : Fenwick, Peter By

What is consciousness? How does it relate to the brain, to the mind? Does it even extend beyond them? And if so, might those experiences telepathy, extrasensory perception, near death experiences be called 'paranormal' because we can't explain them by any normal means?Anything with a firm belief structure, whether it is science or religious faith, limits experimentation and a free spirit of enquiry. I wanted to find a synthesis between these two fields of experience, the measurable and the immeasurable. And it seemed to me that the best indeed, the only way I could find out was by finding people who had such immeasurable experiences and studying them.A few years ago I was introduced by a friend to a philosopher, Alain Forget, who, I was told, had a remarkable ability to give 'energy. During this 'energy giving' process my friend had been aware of light radiating from him.My own ego wanted to persuade this unusual man to allow me to put him under the microscope. But in doing so I found myself, perhaps reluctantly at times, under the microscope of his perceptual grasp of human nature. And I realise that it has changed me, and that much of what I thought about myself was not based in reality.This book tells that story. Peter Fenwick Shining Light on Transcendence: The unconventional journey of a Neuroscientist : Fenwick, Peter

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I was fascinated by the veridical evidence presented by Peter Fenwick, of a type of telepathic interconnectivity between the brain activity in Alain Forget (AF) (principal subject of this study) and his students. It was also interesting to find that the light phenomenon emitted by AF, which is at the centre of this study, cannot be captured on a camera and yet, paradoxically, was clearly perceived by AF's students. I admit, I found myself feeling a bit anxious at times for Peter Fenwick, spending so much time in the presence of AF's indomitable personality and intrusive spirit, but scientific obstinacy seems to have enabled him to rally through, albeit somewhat shaken at times. The idea of 'no hiding place' sessions disconcerted me greatly, and I have to admire Peter Fenwick's courage here! Forget is a formidable philosopher/mystic who would even give sceptics like James Randi a hard time! A truly unique study and most surely, a nucleus for further scientific neuroscientific research. English Very informative and interesting book. Easy to read. Dr. Fenwick doesn't use heavy,long medical terminology. If you are interested in NDE or dying this is a wonderful book to start with. English The book was delivered on time in excellent condition. I am a little disappointed it is is about Alan Forget and does not concentrate on Peter Fenwick himself. I need to read this than once, English Having read Alain Forget's book twice..(the first time a few years ago when it came out) , i still found it a difficult read. Peter Fenwick's book is an essential support to Forget's book , and gives me the courage to stick with Forget's course. I think Peter's books just keep getting better and hope he keeps writing. English I began reading this book because I was curious as to how a scientist of global renown would reconcile the world of empirical science with the exploration of expanding consciousness; a kind of ‘Peter met Alain.’ It’s a fascinating read: the writer’s scientific integrity and intellectual honesty come through clearly. Professor Fenwick is able to bring to bear measurable evidence in his experiments into the nature of neural transmission between AF, an extraordinary teacher/philosopher and his students, and that transmission’s relationship to psychological and evolutionary development. I also found the stories and experience of AF's other students compelling and often inspiring. A must read for anyone interested in the synthesis of consciousness and neuroscience. English