Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10) By Laylah Roberts

Absolutely loved this book this is definitely my favourite of the Montana Daddy series some laugh out loud moment's so many characters whose stories i would love to read i enjoyed this story so much that i hated when I reached the end hopefully not to long before the Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10) I loved this book, I laughed so much it had the family wondering what was going on, loved the fact that Georgie speaks out loud and doesn't know she is doing it. As for her Mother well what a piece of work was she, she sure doesn't deserve the title of mother evil witch. Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10) When georgie finally comes back in to town shes not herself all she wants is stability and Ed. A few misunderstandings later she has a load of new friends and Ed. Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10)

Georgina James had always strived to be better, smarter, stronger, faster.
Frankly, it was exhausting.
Drawn back to Wishingbone, she can't stop thinking about the handsome, overprotective, entirely too bossy sheriff.
Ed doesn't know why he's so intrigued by the closed off FBI agent. But there's something about her that tugs at his every Daddy instinct. He wants to coddle her, protect her, put her over his knee.
But when someone from Georgina's past returns, she might not survive long enough to get her happy ever after.

This book contains an overprotective alpha male, age play and spanking.
Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10)

Hhmmm well I never like to write bad reviews but this story was only ok. I think the sheriff was a bit too soppy for my taste. I had such high hopes for this character being a real tough guy but he just wasn’t that. I’m sorry I can’t write anything better than that but it Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10) Well when things get hard you find the place that makes you safe , then you can let yourself breathe Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10) No plot spoilers There are a couple of potential triggers relating to kidnap I can't recall any grammatical or editorial errors. The characterisation is spot on, but I found that having developed a soft spot for the Sheriff in previous books, I didn't Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10) From being alone and scared to finding out what was missing in her life,was someone who would love her and keep her safe. I have enjoyed reading this story and I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and may fortune smile 😃on you always 😁. Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10) Having read the series in order I do find them repetitious. The same actions, dialogue and always the needy female from a disturbed background. That doesn't mean they aren't entertaining however. The males all have the same characteristics with slight differences. Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 10)


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