Seeking a Second Chance at Love By Montana Ross

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Seeking a Second Chance at Love

Working at a general store in Minnesota is a way that Isobel Holland can assist her father as their farm is not making much money. Unfortunately, when cash disappears from the safe of the business, she is the one who has to pay for the crime and is put in jail for six months. After her father dies while she is serving the sentence, she knows the future will be bleak once finally getting out. Finding a paper which contains a list of men needing women for various reasons, she thinks this is an opportunity to begin a fresh life and writes to a specific individual. Her correspondence with George Stanton leads to Isobel and he agreeing to marry, and she makes her way to the western part of the state. Once there, she plans to move forward and never mention the past.

There are emotional moments in this story, and I sensed the way in which Isobel and George were affected by each of the frequently stirring events. From hidden truths to hopeful expectations to discovering surprising affection, this couple experience a myriad of sentiments. They also often have to decide what they think is best for not only themselves but the other person, too, and I enjoyed seeing them make these decisions that were sometimes difficult. Montana Ross always seems to know exactly how a character should respond to a situation in order to make that individual come across as realistic, and the main couple along with any secondary participants do seem very genuine for the time period. What happens to Isobel and George in SEEKING A SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE is constantly engaging. Montana Ross Historical Western Romance

I enjoyed reading this book. It's about isobel and George Stanton . Isabel started writi.g to George Stanton while serving six month prison sentence for a crime she didn't commit. Read and see how this marriage survived. 💑
Montana Ross Great story

The story is a story of revenge taken on a child for the supposed sin of the father. It caused great hardship of the girl but in the end goodness won out do to love of a husband for his wife. Montana Ross