Seeds of Deception (Kate Burkholder, #7.5) By Linda Castillo

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From the New York Times bestselling author of THE DEAD WILL TELL comes a new short story offering a glimpse into Chief of Police Kate Burkholder's past and her Amish roots.
It's autumn in Painter's Mill, and fourteen year old Katie Burkholder has been tasked with picking apples in Zimmerman’s Orchard with her brother. It’s just another day filled with chores—until her best friend Mattie arrives to help. Somehow, boredom transforms into fun and games whenever the girls are together. The innocent fun comes to an end when Billy Marquardt and his gang of friends interrupts. Katie is no prude, but she knows better than to associate with the older English boys, especially since they’re known troublemakers. Mattie has no such compunction. Thumbing her nose at the Ordnung and all of the Amish rules, she disappears into the old barn with Billy.

Moments later, the Zimmerman’s barn is consumed by fire. Katie suspects Billy had something to do with the blaze, but he denies it. When the facts don’t add up, Katie begins her own investigation—and she doesn’t like what she finds. Will her friendship with Mattie survive the truth? Seeds of Deception (Kate Burkholder, #7.5)

3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars. This is a short story that takes place in Kate Burkholder's past--when she was 14 years old. She is with a Amish friend, Mattie Erb, picking apples, when an Englischer boy, Billy Marquart, comes to them and flirts with Mattie. They go to the barn together. Both come out of the barn, Billy with a scratch on his face, and Mattie's Amish kapp is askew. Something happened in the barn. The ending is somewhat ambiguous and sad.
This is the 3rd story in a book of short stories by Linda Castillo. I read all 3 stories in 1 day. Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Seeds of Deception (Kate Burkholder #7.5)
by Linda Castillo (Goodreads Author), Kathleen McInerney (Narrator )

This short story takes place when Kate is fourteen years old and gives us insight into her friendship with Mattie, her Amish bad girl friend. It's not a funny story, it's a serious one that shows Kate making allowances in her choices between right and wrong. But it is funny that even at fourteen, this story has Kate running (biking) into danger and bumps and bruises. Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Fourteen-year-old Katie Burkholder and her brother Jacob were picking apples in the orchard for their Mamm to make pies. They were at the Zimmerman’s orchard and had split up to fill their baskets when Katie’s best friend Mattie arrived. Mattie was also Amish but was a bit of a rebel and when one of the young Englisher boys arrived, Mattie went with him into the barn, ostensibly for a cigarette. It was after Billy went running out of the barn, filled with anger, and Mattie slowly followed to join Katie, that problems started. Katie first noticed the barn was on fire – had Billy lit the blaze? Surely it wasn’t Mattie?

Seeds of Deception is #7.5 in the Kate Burkholder series by Linda Castillo, and it gives us an insight into Kate’s life as a teenager before she left the Amish life. She was close to her brother Jacob, and sister Sarah and loved her Mamm and Datt. A nice addition to the series, but not one to read without having read from #1. Recommended. Mystery, Suspense, Thriller We go back in time when Kate Burkholder was 14-years old, living Amish in Painter’s Mill. She and brother Jacob are picking apples in Zimmerman’s Orchard when her best friend Mattie Erb shows up to help. Soon after, while Jacob is elsewhere in the Orchard, they’re joined by Billy Marquardt and his buddies, all Englishers. Kate keeps her distance but the daring Mattie goes off into the barn with Billy.

We first meet Mattie in Her Last Breath and this short story provides some much needed background to help understand how Kate missed so much about her best friend. The events following Mattie’s entry into that barn offers a prescient view of the woman she would later become and a little bit why Kate may have been blind to her behavior. And, we get some insight into the seeds that were sown that caused Kate to eventually pursue a career in law enforcement. As always, Kathleen McInerney delivered another solid narration performance. I very much enjoyed this small peek into Kate’s past. Mystery, Suspense, Thriller I did not honestly feel this added anything to the series or showed us much we did not already know about Kate's character or the Amish way of life in which she was raised. I rarely read these short stories which so many authors insert into their series and now I know why. Mystery, Suspense, Thriller


Seeds of Deception is a short story in Kate Burkholder series. This story takes you back to when Kate was 14 years old with her brother Jacob and her best friend Mattie. Since the entire story is a flashback to Kate's Amish life as a teen, it doesn't need to be read in order. Mystery, Suspense, Thriller This was a quick read that was a little look at 14 year old Kate Burkholder. I don't feel it added anything to the series. Mystery, Suspense, Thriller This short story takes the reader back to Kate's past when she was fourteen, gives a glimpse of her friendship with best friend, Mattie and a crime that leaves her with a troubled conscious.

The title is very appropriate as we see Kate's blindness and trust in regards to Mattie, even as she also demonstrates her ability to critically analyze facts in regards to a crime, her love of mysteries and her restlessness in the strict Amish community.

Even though this short story is #7.5, you may want to read it before Her Last Breath book #5 in the series. (Just a hint at some background you may want to understand.) Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Seeds of Deception is a novella in the Kate Burkholder series. This story is a prequel to events depicted in book 5, Her Last Breath. The story is set back when Kate was 14 years old and still living as Amish. Her best friend Mattie is a little bit wild and not a bit afraid to break rules. She tends to drag Kate right along with her. But....a line is crossed, and Kate will have to decide between telling a lie to protect a friend or telling the truth. What she learns about herself will be the foundation for her becoming a police officer later.

I enjoy this series and plan to read every book and novella. I liked this story despite the fact I didn't feel it really added anything to the series. The events were explained in book 5. This short prequel tale did flesh things out a bit more, but it isn't something that has to be read to enjoy the series or understand the characters. Seeds of Deception is listed at book 7.5 in the series reading order. I enjoyed the quick read before jumping into book 8, Among the Wicked.

I listened to the audiobook version of this story. The waiting list for the ebook or audio at my local library was incredibly I clicked on over to Audible and bought it. No sense waiting months when I can spend less than $2 and just buy it. I did smile at the thought that so many people are enjoying Castillo's books.....but a 9-month waiting list? At what point should a library buy a second copy? I'm relatively patient...but not that patient. lol. But I digress.... The audio is 1.5 hours long and narrated by Kathleen McInerney. McInerney reads at a nice, even pace and gives a great performance. An overall enjoyable listening experience. Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Chief of Police Kate Burkholder grew up Amish – Painter’s Mill was her home town, and she lived with her Datt, Mamm, brother Joseph and sister Sarah where they worked the farm from early morning until late at night. When Katie was fourteen she and Joseph went to the nearby Zimmerman farm to pick apples for Mamm’s cooking. With the arrival of Katie’s best friend Mattie, her day immediately looked brighter. But her Mamm and Datt didn’t approve of her friendship with Mattie – she was a bad influence, a “wild child” according to them.

The arrival in the orchard of the English boy Billy Marquardt made Katie uneasy, but Mattie was up for some fun. When they headed to the barn, Katie refused to follow – but she was worried for her friend. The ensuing fire which engulfed the barn had the police investigating Mattie, Billy and Katie – what would they find? Katie was sure her friend was innocent and she was determined to find the truth. But was there trouble ahead?

Seeds of Deception is a short story by Linda Castillo which is part of the Kate Burkholder series. It’s an enjoyable little glimpse at part of the tough police chief’s childhood, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love this author’s work, and had no hesitation in purchasing it. Highly recommended.
Mystery, Suspense, Thriller