Securing Willow (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) By Annie Miller


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I have never found so many typos in one book in my life! What happened to proofreading? It was laughable. Kindle Edition I enjoyed the storyline and the characters, I will definitely read the next book, but there are a lot of errors in this book, which is why I only gave it 3 stars. Kindle Edition I would have given this book a 5 but there were too many errors. I can understsand Willow's reluctance for a serious relationship after the commune, but that was taking it a bit too far. Dodger shouldn't have to be doing all the giving. Didn't like the cliffhanger. Kindle Edition This is a great read. I loved watching Tyler and Willow grow. Both have had tragedies in their lives and find strength from each other and family. This book has action, suspense and growing love. This is a pg book but the drama keeps you hooked. Kindle Edition Why?

Why would a SEAL team be primary operatives on a US based op if ECP is the main focus of this authors stories??? Could not find enough interest to finish this story. Kindle Edition

Willow Clark has lived most of her life believing her father was killed in action. When she discovers he is not only alive but has been searching for her the last fifteen years. The foundation of her entire life rapidly changes and she finds herself unsure how to life a normal life.

Tyler Ellison lost his team in an ambush and struggles with what is next in his life. When he is sent on a mission with his new team to extract a woman from a survivalist camp, he soon finds himself in a different kind of struggle. 

Can Willow find love after she’s returned home to a father she doesn’t know? Can Tyler move past his guilt and grief from losing his team? Can he work with his new SEAL team?

Will these two find something they are both missing? Can they find forgiveness and trust each other with their insecurities?

Can Tyler take on his most important mission, Operation: Securing Willow? Securing Willow (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)

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Good read

Ethan met Willow when he rescued her from a cult compound. She stabbed him with a kitchen knife before she knew who he was. Their fathers were partners in a security company. She was certain that her father was dead, and it took a little while for her to believe that he was her dad. Kindle Edition A nice start

The book is written concerning everyday problems like sex trafficking, selling guns, drugs and communes that can strip people of their identities little by little. It takes the military and or those businesses that have the retired military personnel and know his to take them down. Although I hate books that leave you hanging with cliffhangers, this one was great. Kindle Edition Tyler & Willow

Securing Willow is a novel by Annie Miller in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces world. Annie Miller is a new author to me. While reading Securing Willow I felt empathy for what Tyler was going through being a new team member in a long established unit. After Willow is rescued I felt the same for her as she underwent acclimating to a new society compared to living in a commune. Liked reading more of Rocco’s team and their wonderful women - wives, fiancees and girlfriends. The advice the women gave Tyler was amazing. If this is an indication of Annie Miller’s writing style I will be looking forward to reading her new series that follows on from Securing Willow, ECP Series - Alpha and ECP Series - Bravo. This book could do with more polishing in regard to typos etc to make it even better. Kindle Edition I enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to the new series as well as loved the tie-in with another author/series. The descriptions and writing style allow you to picture the scenes as you read them. The banter between characters is genuine and relatable. I am not giving away any spoilers lol. Kindle Edition Anytime I can reconnect with favorite characters I consider it a good thing. Annie Miller does a stellar job of incorporating Rocco, Phantom, Rex, Gumby, Ace and Bubba from Susan Stoker's SEAL of Protection- Legacy series as well as the all seeing all know John Tex Keegan into this fabulous book. Just about as good as it gets!

Tyler Dodger Ellison has no intention of settling down, hence his nickname. Getting his life back on track after losing his entire team is his priority. Being reassigned to a well established SEAL team may be his salvation. Willow Clark's commune life took a turn for the worse when their old leader died and the new regime suddenly makes the place feel like a prison. Being rescued is an answer to her prayer, reconnecting with the father she thought was dead is like living in a dream and falling for a gorgeous SEAL may leave her with a broken heart. It takes time, lots of advice and counsel, and lots of patience but Willow and Dodger navigate the intricacies of their relationship slowly but surely. Kindle Edition