Sebastian: Book One in the Champions series By Chicki Brown


Enjoyable! I'm looking forward to the second book in the series. 254 This book was a wonderful journey into the paranormal romance genre by one of my favorite contemporary romance writers. Ms. Brown expertly mixes spirituality, super-human gifts, and divine purposes with soul-deep love in a way that is refreshing and captivating. As usual, we get well-developed characters and a thoroughly-crafted plot that are realistic and enjoyable while pushing us to imagine possibilities. What if life, gifts, people, and love aren't as limited, neat, and predictable as we've been told? What if happiness lies just outside our comfort zones and all it takes is a bit of courage or faith to have what our hearts desire? Hmm ... Chicki Brown has started this series out on a powerful first step with men certain to pique curiosity. I can hardly wait to read more. 254 Who’s next!
Hope it’s Lucien who, I get the feeling, will be edgier. But, Sebastian and Bliss—nice! These Champions, I like them already. I love paranormal and this story had enough to satisfy me. It also whets my appetite for more. I felt the connection between Sebastian and Bliss from the very beginning and enjoyed the build-up to their coming together. Well-crafted and paced story. Can’t wait for the next chapter in The Champions Series. 254

Title: Sebastian
Author: Chicki Brown
Publisher: C.B.
Series: The Champions Book One
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five
Sabastian by Chicki Brown

My Opinion:

Sebastian was quite an intriguing story where we find Bliss Young and Sebastian Greer getting involved. With Bliss being over The Kid's Co-Op, she needed a security director, and Sebastian fitted in this job so well. However, Bliss didn't know that there would be 'supernatural abilities needed to protect this program.' It was interesting how things fell in place as this author gives the reader one unique story that will keep your attention as you are turning the pages. I don't want to tell too much, but I will say that the characters were really well-developed and so defined in this sweet romantic read. We find that Bliss had two people that were behind her all the way... Mi Ma and Alex, and Sebastian's also had friends who were behind him, from Zach, Ephraim, Lennox, to Lucien, that help this story come so well together.

How this story will all come together is where Bliss & Sebastian start to have feelings for one another, but will this work out with what is going on in his life? Will they get to a HEA? This is where I say you will have to pick up Sebastian to see how well this author brings it out to the reader.

I see that it will be a series, 'The Champions book 2' will be coming up next to feature EPHRAIM. I am sure that it will be another good read!

254 Great read!!

Loved the story and watching the lead characters overcome their hesitations and allow love to win. definitely recommend this book. l 254

Bliss Young directs The Kids’ Co-op, a residential program for foster children. She’s single, makes a great salary, and her job leaves little time for a social life. But the one thing missing from her life is a companion. Most men she’s dated have had little tolerance or understanding for her long hours and commitment to her kids, as she fondly calls them. Little does she know that her beloved program will soon be in jeopardy.

Former cop and private bodyguard Sebastian Greer has spent his life protecting others. Taking a position at the Co-op to protect the program using his supernatural powers, he encounters the unexpected in Bliss Young. What his abilities haven't prepared him for is the passion that unfolds between them. Sebastian: Book One in the Champions series

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