SEALed With a Twist (Special Forces: Operation Alpha; Shock Force One #3) By Rachel McNeely


I think this book could be my favorite. This is a good story with many twists and turns that keeps you reading. The characters were complex and likable. Kindle Edition Always chasing the enemy

These men's are special for a reason. On a mission and off . always protecting others lives. Great story as well the best. Kindle Edition Cute Romance

This is cute little romance with adorable characters that will definitely have you enjoying their adventure to their own happily ever after. Kindle Edition This story gave me a little bit of everything, suspense, romance, great character's, I can't wait to read the next one. Kindle Edition


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Social worker Rebecca Larson has devoted herself to helping young women in trouble. Becky will do just about anything to champion the downtrodden, and that has landed her in some serious trouble on the streets. 

Tyler Howis loves his life as a bachelor almost as much as he loves being a Navy SEAL. While everyone around him seems to be getting married and settling down, casual relationships are his standard operating procedure—until now. He can’t seem to keep his heart safe around a certain woman with fire in her eyes and danger at her back.

Experience has taught Becky that putting her faith in a man is a fool’s game, and she’s no fool. It should be easy to resist Ty’s strong arms and commanding presence. It isn’t. Especially when a deadly threat follows her home.
 SEALed With a Twist (Special Forces: Operation Alpha; Shock Force One #3)

DNF at Chapter 3

The best thing about this book is the handsome fellow on the cover. The dialogue is very poorly executed. There is absolutely no flow, and it makes the characters appear to lack depth and nuance. The inner dialogue is somewhat better, but I just couldn’t immerse myself into the story, because of the weird, choppy flow of the plot, the romance, and character development. It was just awkward and unrealistic, as well as, one-dimensional. I’m very surprised at the high ratings! Kindle Edition Another great book written by this author. There's plenty of action, danger, heat and new beginnings. I really liked Ty's father a former seal. HEA. Kindle Edition Good read

Becky and Ty met at a charity auction. He sent a basket and she agreed to eat with him. Then he asked her for a date and she said yes. She was the head of a woman 's shelter. One of her girls ran away and she went into a bad part of town to try and find her. Kindle Edition Frustrated

The plot and storyline for this book are good but unfortunately my frustrations started on the very first page. There are a number of continuity issues, the first of which is on the first page: 'She stepped away from the dark haired man Becky was planning to marry in a few weeks' and then in the very next paragraph 'You can't call off the wedding it's two days from now'. So is it weeks or days? This happens throughout: you can pick me up from work and then drop me back there after - collects her from home not work, chats to her mum but does drop her back at work after and miraculously her car is there. These really should have been picked up during editing and proofing.
I found it quite difficult to relate to the characters as the story just seemed to bobble along the surface and provide little depth, this is true for events too, there was a build up and then the event was skimmed over with little detail or depth. I am also not sure a police Sargeant would say 'you're one of the bad cops, I'm taking you in' or we have caught all the bad guys...the language feels very wrong.
I usually love all Special Forces: Operation Alpha books that are set in Susan Stoker's world but found this one disappointing. I read this on Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Edition Tyler & Becky

SEALed with a Twist is the third book in Shock Force One series by Rachel McNeely in Susan Stoker’s universe. Early in the book we have Navy SEAL Tyler attending a picnic basket auction fund raiser to get to know Social Worker Becky. Young girls start to go missing and Becky asks questions to find out where they are hidden which ends up turning dangerous. Tyler calls his dad, a retired Navy SEAL, to come protect Becky’s widowed mother and family. This becomes an interesting sub-plot of reading how close the two become making meals together. There is another love interest, but you will have to read the book to find out who they are. Enjoyed this book. Looking forward to reading more of the series. Kindle Edition