The Case of the Bigfoot Beast (Scooby Doo! And You: Collect the Clues Mystery) By Tracey West

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Akcja pierwszej książeczki z serii Scooby-Doo! i Ty toczy się na Kempingu Beztroskich Włóczykijów, dokąd wybrali się Daphne, Velma, Fred, Kudłaty i Scooby-Doo. Choć pole namiotowe położone jest w uroczej i spokojnej okolicy, a jego właściciel wydaje się być miły i troskliwy, członkowie Tajemniczej Spółki są jedynymi gośćmi kempingu… Czyż to nie dziwne? Wkrótce okazuje się, że przyczyną, dla której turyści omijają z daleka Kemping Beztroskich Włóczykijów jest… zamieszkująca te okolice Wielka Stopa!!! The Case of the Bigfoot Beast (Scooby Doo! And You: Collect the Clues Mystery)

The thing that always bothered me about Scooby Doo was the way they treated each case like it was a monster on the loose...while also investigating who it was that was dressed up like a monster. Which is it are we supposed to be scared of a bigfoot beast running wild or do we need to find out who is pretending there is a bigfoot beast on the loose. The fact that each monster is really a guy in a mask really cheapens the thrill of each story.

Also each story is the same, they do some investigating find some clues go over suspects...then they get chased by the monster and they run every time despite every monster they've ever faced being a guy in a mask...and then they just set a trap for them and unmask them. Its not solving a mystery to capture someone and take their mask off, if you are going to do that every time then don't bother with the investigation.

This series has potential and some kids might like it but it reads like an episode of scooby doo there's not really much investigating or clue finding on your part. The book does have pictures so it would have been better if they had left it up to the reader to examine an image and find the clues for themselves. Instead it just says look heres a clue write that down. Great idea not great execution.

Does anybody else remember getting a box set of these as a kid? It came with a mystery machine shaped box to hold the books, a stuffed Scooby a notebook and a magnifying glass. The gifset was very cool, the individual books on their own...not so much. Paperback Why do we need to call it Bigfoot and Beast? Is it because the words start with the same letter, right? Why not call it the Beastly Bigfoot? That rolls off the tongue so much better...

Update: Bigfoot is a that part of the reason?? Idk...

The continuity was very bad. At first the monster's eyes are yellow...then they are red.

The other clues are too obvious. Multiple errors abound (not uncommon for this series but particularly bad here.

The Scooby Drew Crew, 2022 Paperback This wasn't too bad - the boy enjoyed it, and the mystery made sense, though it was pretty simplistic and didn't take a degree in mystery solving to solve. Paperback Another great set up. My daughter and I adore Scooby Doo and these books are a a great way to be part of the gang and work our brains. Paperback I would have rated this book higher, BUT there is a design flaw in this book. There is a picture in the last chapter of the beast with his mask off (after the mystery is solved), AND of course we accidentally saw this picture when we were only halfway through the book! It really ruined the book for both of us. Hannah said she still wanted to finish reading the book, but it would have been much better had we not known who the Bigfoot was. If we decide to read more of this series, I will have to paper clip the last few pages together, so we don't see the book spoiling picture. Paperback

The voice matches what I remember of the characters in the old cartoons. I like that it takes kids step by step through the mystery as well as explanations and logical deductions. Better than other mystery books for kids this age. Paperback The kids really enjoyed trying to determine who the monster was. Paperback SCOOBY-DOO! AND YOU: THE CASE OF THE BIGFOOT BEAST by TRACEY WEST (2000) Paperback