Salt Water By Brianna Wiest

I couldn’t stop turning the pages of this book. This book gave me all the feels. There are so many truths laid out. A lot of times I feel like reading poetry is like reading a journal where someone has written THEIR most personal feelings; however, with Salt Water I felt it was the connection fibers in all of us with the author spinning her connection to a central force. 169 This book came to me when I needed it most. Beautiful poetry that I was able to relate to my own life and hardships. There were a few poems I read over and over before turning the page. 169 This is the first real bit of poetry I've read that wasn't related to school or schoolwork. While some of the poems in here really did speak to me with vivid imagery, most of the works were really, at least to me, along the lines of something you'd see on a self help website in poetic form.

That said, I did enjoy the poems here. 169 I'll start out by saying I don't read a lot of modern poetry, but I wanted to give it a try. Second, I can see why someone would like this book. It has a lot of messages of loving yourself, healing from a breakup, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin. I love the message of the poems, but the poems themselves I thought were lack luster.

There were about 10 poems total that I liked from this collection and the rest were one or two single lines or had no cadence/rhythm to them. There were very few poems that read like poems and a lot of it felt like reading paragraphs or inspirational Facebook statuses. Which might be what poetry has evolved into. I'll have to read some other modern works to find out. Sadly though, this collection did not inspire me to continue trying. 169 maybe you were the hero you were waiting for
maybe you were the love of your life all along
maybe you were always happy
and just thought you needed the reassurance of someone safe
to let yourself feel it

This is a lovely read. Weist has such a clear grasp of the written language and executes it so beautifully. 
So much of these poems are about self love and acceptance with a bit of romance.
I connected with so many of them. She writes with such beautiful imagery. I feel so many could connect with this book. It really gave me all the feels. 

Thank you @thoughtcatalog for sending me this lovely book.
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In her debut poetry collection, Brianna Wiest pioneers a new cross-genre of writing. Through her freeform approach, Brianna's words artfully illustrate our deep connection to the natural world as well as to ourselves, distilling the essence of wisdom into lines that are sure to touch your heart and open your soul. Salt Water

Some poems were good but overall messy. 169 4.5/5 weer hele mooie boodschappen 169 live so that dead has nothing to steal 🥲 169 *Update 3 stars

3.5 stars

This book is strongly express about self love and a little romance.

I enjoyed quite a lot of her poetry. However, there are quite some of it that I just feel disconnected with.

*Thank you so much for Thought Catalog for sending me this book :) 169 3.5 stars.

Salt Water is a book about self love, learning how to be comfortable in your own skin and how to heal from a break up.

I enjoyed reading it. There were some of the poems I really liked but also there were poems I just couldn’t connect with, hence the 3.5 stars. However, I could see why someone would love it.

•Thank you Thought Catalog for sending me this book. 169