Sabotage: The Mafia, Mao and the Death of the Queen Elizabeth By

On 9 January 1972, the mighty Queen Elizabeth, then the largest liner in the world, caught fire in Hong Kong harbour. Watched by millions around the world, she burned live on television, including on Britain's children's programme Blue Peter. Since her retirement in 1968, she had been a tourist attraction in Florida, before her owners went bankrupt and she was sold to become the floating Seawise University. Days before an extensive refit was due to be completed, fires broke out simultaneously in different parts of the ship and she was consumed by the flames. Her Florida owners had had connections with the Mafia and the notorious union leader Jimmy Hoffa; her new owner was a Chinese tycoon with strong links to Nationalist Taiwan, while the workers aboard her had Communist leanings. She had lurched from disaster to disaster, and her final days were marred by political intrigue, arson and even use in a James Bond film. Sabotage: The Mafia, Mao and the Death of the Queen Elizabeth

While an interesting read, there could have been much detail. The fate of the Queen Elizabeth seems as much of a mystery after reading the book as it did before. 256 pages Was excited to see the mysterious fire on the RMS Queen Elizabeth get its own book after finding so little on the subject online. The book is well researched, presenting the collision course of politics, criminality, and controversy that ensnared the world's largest liner. Some of the details are presented out of chronological order, which at times made me feel lost in the narrative. But, by the time I finished it, I felt I had a good grasp of the subject. Excellent archival photos flesh out this engaging read. 256 pages A well researched story by an former investigative journalist charting the final years of theiconic liner Queen Elizabeth. The author provides much detail about the background to the events that led to the ship arriving in Hong Kong and then the subsequent events which suggest that its end was not accidental. A Fascinating read. 256 pages I am saving the book to read on a cruise over Christmas. However it does look fascinating and is printed well.
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