Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy, #1) By Meghan March

Get ready for the darker and dirtier side of New Orleans with a brand new alpha romance from USA Today bestselling author Meghan March.

New Orleans belongs to me.
You don’t know my name, but I control everything you see—and all the things you don’t.
My reach knows no bounds, and my demands are always met.
I didn’t need to loan money to a failing family distillery, but it amuses me to have them in my debt.
To have her in my debt.
She doesn’t know she caught my attention.
She should’ve been more careful.
I’m going to own her. Consume her. Maybe even keep her.
It’s time to collect what I’m owed.
Keira Kilgore, you’re now the property of Lachlan Mount.

*Ruthless King is book one of the Mount Trilogy* Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy, #1)

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Ruthless EXACTLY that. You should hate him. Loathe him. But good god almighty, I FUCKING LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!! It’s 3:30am and I am seriously so full of adrenaline that I might not sleep tonight. THIS BOOK!! It’s the dirtiest of the dirty. The sexiest of the sexy. Hottest of the hot. And so god damn wrong that it’s pure PERFECTION. I can’t even form comprehensive thoughts right now. I am not saying anything about this book. Just that Lachlan Mount and Keira Kilgore are FIRE. Lava, dynamite, NUCLEAR!! You are going to crave these two. And probably need church afterwards for the sinful thoughts you will have. YOU WILL HAVE THEM! And you will love every single one of them. Don’t even get me going on that ending!!! Meghan March truly went for the shock factor with this one!


What I love about Meghan is watching her writing grow. Each book I read of hers, I always think this is her best yet. And then she writes something like this. It’s darker, more sinful, a little different than her others. Sometimes authors try different. They step out of their norm and it either works or it doesn’t. It definitely works for Meghan March. This is her best book to date. And I’m saying this now, this is my #1 pick of 2017. One of the best books that I’ve ever read. Not just this year....but EVER!! I also need book 2 now. Just putting that out there. This is why I love books with cliffys. I love the feeling of wanting more. Like the season finale of your favorite TV show. That feeling it leaves you with and knowing you will be getting more. Sometimes the best things are the things you have to wait for. Makes it that much better!!

Thank you Meghan for your fascinating mind, your thoughts, your words that I crave, and most importantly...your talent. I love you!!!

Again, BUY THIS BOOK!!! 9781943796007 *****FOUR STARS*****
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I feel his touch like it’s bathed in fire, a scorching trail in its wake.

I’ve read plenty of Meghan March’s books and this has got to be ”Hands Down” the dirtiest and steamiest story she has written! I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a winner with me since we get just the tiniest glimpse of the hero, Lachlan Mount, during the prologue and then he doesn’t return until about the 30% mark in the story. I didn’t think that the heroine’s storyline was enough to keep the book entertaining but then BAM, MOUNT comes charging through the story at full force, demanding attention, and then there wasn’t any doubt that this was going to be one ”OFF THE CHARTS” AMAZING story. If you like a really good enemies-to-lovers romance, well then you need to get your hands on this one. The chemistry between Mount and Keira is INSANELY HOT!!

Keira Kilgore is the owner of Seven Sinners Distillery, New Orlean’s most famous Irish whiskey producers. The family business, which had been successful for the past four generations is now in jeopardy of being bought out by one of New Orleans’ most notorious and feared businessmen, Lachlan Mount. People are known to show up dead once they’ve attempted to cross him. Keira finds out that her late husband owed a huge sum of money to Mount and had the balls to put her family's business up as collateral. But Mount has an indecent proposal for Keira that will ensure she keeps ownership of seven sinners—she must be his “plaything” for however long she holds his interest. This enrages her and messes with her pride beyond reason. She’s the typical fiery redhead with a bad temper and she will not make it easy for Mount to tame her, but what she doesn’t know is that she is no match for the sinfully sexy Alpha. She turns him on like no other woman has before and Keira will soon learn that Mount will own her body like it was made for him.

The sex is wildly erotic between them and underneath all the heated hostility, there is a hint of a buildup to a deeper connection for Mount and Keira. I loved everything about the dangerous and elusive Lachlan. His need to be dominant in all things is definitely a trait that I most desire in a book boyfriend.

Be prepared for some huge and unexpected twists when you reach the end of this first installment of ”The Mount Trilogy”! I am on pins and needles to see what Meghan March has in store for us next in ”Defiant Queen”!

Here are my overall ratings on the book:

Hero: 5
Heroine: 3.5
Plot: 4
Angst: 3
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

RUTHLESS KING releases tomorrow! Meghan March fans and those who have never had the opportunity to read one of her books are sure to enjoy this one! It’s a definite one-click!

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9781943796007 ****WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW****

This is one of those books that's got rave reviews, everyone talking about how exciting and amazing this was and then... there's me.

Bored as fuck.

Completely unimpressed with the lack of originality, the flat characters, the weak storyline, the cringe-worthy dirty talk from the hero, the god awful inner monologues from our heroine who felt the need to incessantly repeat how much of a “BASTARD” the hero is and how much she hates him but oh my godddddd why are my panties wet?

How many times can she repeat how the distillery is in debt? How she refuses to let it fail? How much she hated her husband? How much she won’t let the hero fuck with her head?
I can answer that. TOO MANY TIMES.

Speaking of the hero: what a sad excuse for an anti-hero. Not once did we actually SEE the big bad man he’s made out to be. All we get is chatter from the other characters about rumors they’ve heard and things he’s supposedly done. Am I supposed to connect with or believe this guy is some cut throat killer when we get, like what, 4 lines out of him? And most of them are empty threats? Stop telling me what a badass he is AND SHOW ME.

Even if this changes in books 2 and 3, I wasn’t impressed with the writing enough to even want to continue.

“When was the last time you were fucked by a real man? Someone who knows what you need. Someone who’ll take control from you and give you what you’ve been dying for.”


“Property of no man?
Keira Kilgore is mine.”

The ‘Husband comes back from the dead’ twist?

And from what I've been told, this twist is barely mentioned in the next book and really serves no purpose. So it's basically added as shock value and to lure readers to book 2?

“I’m going to fuck you like you’ve been begging a man to fuck you your entire life…”

All around - WEAK.

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RUTHLESS KING: is a dark read by Meghan March and is the first book within the Mount Trilogy. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ In this we meet Keira Kilgore and Lachlan Mount. This is also a new author to me *hangs head in shame - crawls back under rock*

As soon as you start this life gets put on hold you get so absorbed in the storyline that seconds, minutes, hours just disappear. All your energy is focused on the story, and nothing else..

Mount is someone you never want to meet, he’s your worst nightmare, only whispered about in the shadows and never ever mentioned like saying candyman in the mirror may have the same effect, utter his name and he may appear in front of you..Lachlan Mount is someone you don't want to f#ck with. The last person who did ended up on a cold slab in the morgue.

Nothing happens in this city without his say so. He's like a conduit through which all things must pass. Booze. Drugs. Girls. Cons. Gambling. How the man amassed so much power, I have no idea, but he did and he holds it with an iron fist.

He's the King of New Orleans underworld and he’s got Keira in his sights, unbeknownst to her she’s in debt over her head due to her husband and it’s to him. Half a million dollars to be precise.

Now he’s come to cash in.

Keira is the co owner of Seven Sinners Distillery and it's this which her late husband used as collateral. If she doesn't come up with the money within the time frame requested of her, her family, co -workers, friends will all be eliminated.

But maybe just maybe there's another way to pay that debt off??

F#ckity f#ck f#ck this was soooooo freaking good!! I think I've found a new author to stalk, because the way this ended I need the next book now!! Gah waiting and patience kind of skipped me when I was made lol I have no patience whatsoever in life and it's worse when it comes to books that I want, need, crave for the next in the series to arrive!! And yep this book and the way it ended on that motherf#cker of a cliffy is no exception!! Definitely a one click recommendation, highly recommend!!

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9781943796007 But tell me the truth about one thing. When was the last time you were fucked by a real man? Someone who knows what you need. Someone who’ll take control from you and give you what you’ve been dying for.

What a thrill ride!

I absolutely loved it! There wasn't a moment that I didn't enjoy in this book. I have been anxious to read it and once again Meghan March delivered. She did an absolute amazing job with this story. Brilliantly written and so intense I just couldn’t put it down. This book had my heart racing quite a few times and trying to read faster to see what was going to happen next. I just had to know! it was, sexy, edgy, intense, raw, scorching hot and packed with goodness. There were several twists I didn’t see coming at all. And I have to say that I fell hard for the Ruthless King of New Orleans, Lachlan Mount! He’s a dangerous, powerhouse of a man, pure alpha male. The ultimate bad guy you cannot help but love. This man runs his life and his empire with an iron fist. New Orleans belongs to him. He's here to collect a debt. And Keira Kilgore’s the only one left to pay. She’s now the property of Lachlan Mount. Little does he know that Keira will push him to the edge like no woman ever has…

She was fucking magnificent. No, not past tense. Is. Even as she walked away wearing nothing but my coat, she held her head high and proud. Most men won’t look me in the eye, but this woman isn’t afraid to declare all-out war.

I adored Keira too. She’s one tough woman, strong and feisty and never annoying. And the chemistry between these two is a mind shattering blazing inferno. I really enjoyed the way the author built up not just the sexual tension, but the emotional attraction as well. This book gave me huge feels.

“I legitimately think I could kill him with my bare hands. But I also want him more than I’ve ever wanted any man in my life. It’s visceral. Primal. Uncontrollable.“

That ending was absolutely killer as this is part of a series and I cannot wait to see what happens next. I was completely addicted to the Beneath series and I’m becoming so with this trilogy too. A definite page-turner that will keep you engaged from the first chapter. Highly recommended. 9781943796007


***This trilogy is FREE on Amazon right now****

4.5 Stars

I love books with this shtick and I love Meghan March. Lachlan Mount is my favorite type of anti-hero and I really enjoyed this one.

I do think this (and the entire series, actually) is a little overpriced though ($4.99 each at the time of this review). 9781943796007 I've never been this excited to introduce a brand new story to you!!

Lachlan Mount didn't just pop into my head. No...he took over my life. He's an alpha like I've never written or read before, and October 17 cannot come fast enough!

In my opinion, this is the best story I've ever written. I have no idea how I'll ever top it. I stayed up countless nights, writing in the dark, and there were no rules.

Mount is law unto himself, and I can't wait for you to experience him. If you loved Creighton and Lucas Titan...Mount will have you flipping your $h*!. He's utterly incomparable. 9781943796007 5 STARS

When was the last time you were fucked by a real man? Someone who knows what you need. Someone who’ll take control from you and give you what you’ve been dying for.

Um, may we just have a moment of silence for my ovaries? Because they fought the good fight, but those suckers completely combusted in the mere presence of Lachlan Mount. I'm talking total ovary obliteration here, people, and mine were steel plated for goodness sake!
I LOVED this! This brought back all the originals feels that I had with the beginning of the Beneath series but EVEN BETTER.

Meghan's Beneath series was easily my favorite of hers. It was a bittersweet moment reading the last book in that series. But then she went and introduced an anti-hero to beat all anti-heroes set in the same world and I. Was. Hooked.

Mount is the king of the New Orleans underground. Equally feared and respected, nothing happens without his knowledge or order. When Mount wants something, he gets it, and no one stands in his way.

Keira is still reeling from the unexpected death of her cheating husband and barely keeping her head afloat running her beloved family whiskey business. When the boogeyman shows up at her door and tells her that she owes him a five hundred thousand dollar debt, she's shocked. When he tells her that he'll take her in exchange for the money her husband apparently loaned from Mount, she's livid. But a debt is a debt, and you don't say no to the most feared man in NOLA. And the fact that the fan enrages her as much as he brings out all her primal urges? Definitely inconvenient.
I own your orgasms. I decide when you come. Not you. Learn it. Live it. Because you’re going to fucking love it by the time I’m done with you.”

I devoured this book. Absolutely devoured it. Hanging on every word and erotic interlude. Mount has such an enigmatic and utterly sexual presence to him, that you don't just read about him, you feel it. March knows how to write one delicious alpha, but she seriously outdid herself with this one. He's cold, ruthless, dominant, and the sexiest anti-hero I've read.

I loved that Keira is the only one that has the balls to stand up to him. This is no cowering wallflower. This is a woman that gives as good as she gets. And let me tell you, she gets it HARD. Uhem. She's smart, head strong, and not afraid to tell the domineering man where to stuff it. OK, seriously, I need to stop handing myself sexual innuendos here. I'm dying. But seriously though, I am HOOKED. Line and sinker. I'm desperately salivating for the next book in this series. If you're a fan of sizzling romance with an anti-hero that's to die for and a story that's as captivating as the romance, this is a trilogy you need in your life!
She may have marked me tonight, but I marked her first. Keira Kilgore needs another lesson in what it means to be owned by Lachlan Mount.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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9781943796007 So, I recently re-read the Dirty series and it made me think about trying another book by Meghan March and this was the first the Internet algorithm sent my way.

And I have to say that I'm rather disappointed.

There was a lot of similarities between the two series, to the point that I'm wondering if the author has a certain template a certain setting which she uses.

However, what I missed the most about this one was the easy readability the Dirty series possesses. I found it hard to connect with the main characters. Especially, Keira, she was seriously bordering on the unlikeable line. (Side note: I hated the nickname Ke-ke and I cringed every time I saw it.)
And maybe a bit ironical but I felt like Mount lacked a certain presence about himself on the page. Which is funny since he was supposedly portraited as a huge alpha male.
But still, I found him more tolerable than Keira. He's definitely an interesting character and I would be interested in knowing more about his past. However, if that comes at the price of Keira being there as well I think that I will rather pass on that.
Plus, the terms of their relationship really make me uncomfortable.

The cliffhanger/twisted at the end was rather unexpected even though it is a bit of cliché.

While there might be some things which I would like to know more about... I do not find this series worth continuing.
So, anybody knows good spoiler-filled reviews for book two and three? 9781943796007

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Ruthless King, book 1 of 3. To pay her debts Keira is pulled into a depraved game of secrets & seduction!

“You’ve already been marked. Lachlan Mount owns your ass, regardless of whether he’s tapped it yet. No one else will touch you because they’ll want to keep their limbs intact.”

Books in Mount trilogy should be read in order:
Book 1: Ruthless King
Book 2: Defiant Queen
Book 3: Sinful Empire

Ruthless King (book 1) opens up to widow Keira Kilgore, Ke-ke learning that her deceased husband took out a loan, using her distillery as collateral, with New Orleans most powerful and dangerous businessman.

The mysterious Lachlan Mount, Mount has come to collect his debt. He is ruthless in his demands and secretive in his motives. Keira is quickly pulled into a sinister game of blackmail, secrets, deception, seduction and toe-curling sex.

Seven words to describe Lachlan Mount, Mount: Sinister, demanding, private, elusive, possessive, depraved and ruthless.

Seven words to describe Keira Kilgore, Ke-ke: Loyal, naïve, caring, reflective, determined, strong and spirited.

Ruthless King told dual POVs is a fast-paced dark tale with a mixture of mystery, suspense, violence and erotica as Keira journey to pay her debt and uncover the truth. Story ends shockingly leading right book 2, Defiant Queen for the continuation of their story.

Hero: ★★★★
Heroine: ★★★★
Plot: ★★★★1/2
Storytelling: ★★★★1/2
Sexual tension: ★★★★1/2
Sex scenes: ★★★★★
Story ending: N/A
Darkness: | MEDIUM FOCUS |
Kink: | HIGH FOCUS |
Romance: | MEDIUM FOCUS |
Sex frequency: | HIGH FOCUS |
Suspense: | HIGH FOCUS | 9781943796007