Ruth And Lucas (Clean Love, #12) By Jasmine Carter

Love Unexpectedly

I enjoyed reading this book and I definitely like that I did not have read profanity through the story .This story is about two people who met at a wedding and for their own personal reasons decided to get married. Jasmine Carter Excellent

Great book read in one setting, such a page turner, the kind of books I cal a keeper ! ! Jasmine Carter Although this was an amazing read and I couldn't put it down without saying to myself, one more paragraph until it was completed, I wanted to smack some common sense into both Ruth and Lucas for fumbling the way they did. Other than that, I loved it!! Jasmine Carter Excellent!

This was an excellent story. I liked Ruth and Lucas and the other characters as well. The leads had wonderful chemistry and were meant to be together. What I also liked that there were no drawn out sex scenes, but there was still sexual tension between the characters. Nicely done. Jasmine Carter

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A clean, marriage of convenience romance by Jasmine Carter of BWWM Club.

Ruth’s life and career are going great, except for one thing—her love life!

After her fiancé dumps her, she finds herself at a friend’s wedding, jokingly asking a stranger to marry her!

…Sure, a husband would look good for her image, but she never expected him to say yes!

Luke’s billionaire parents refuse to give him control of their company unless he marries.

So when the woman he just meets asks him to marry her, of course he takes advantage of it!

Yet a life of matrimony is a lot different than they’d originally planned!

And soon their marriage becomes much more than just a compromise.

But as their feelings for each other grow, will they be able to trust each other?

Or will jealousy get the better of them?

Find out in this emotional, clean romance by Jasmine Carter of BWWM Club. Ruth And Lucas (Clean Love, #12)