Runaway Max (Stranger Things, #3) By Brenna Yovanoff

Don't miss this gripping, emotional prequel to the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things! The never-before-told backstory of the beloved Dig Dug maven, Max Mayfield, written by New York Times bestselling author Brenna Yovanoff.

This must-read novel, based on the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, explores Max's past--the good and the bad--as well as how she came to find her newfound sense of home in Hawkins, Indiana. Runaway Max (Stranger Things, #3)

Brenna Yovanoff Õ 3 characters

2.5 stars.

This book is season 2 as told through Max's eyes, which actually doesn't bug me as a concept. I liked delving into Max's home life and her thought process, and there were some really solid scenes. To be fair, the first half was really enjoyable.

But ultimately, it didn't even attempt to fill in any blanks or add to the story of the show. The ending of the season, which is arguably Max's best stuff, was skimmed over so quickly that, as a ST fan, I was genuinely insulted. Add that with repetative prose (she describes figuring out who Nancy is twice on two separate pages) and typos and it's clear that no one really cared about the ending of this book.

Lucas is presented as nice, but nothing else. We actually get more emotional Mileven stuff in here than Lumax, which I thought was just.... odd. Isn't this about Max? Wouldn't this be a great opportunity to really focus on their relationship? One would think.

As mentioned above, no creative attempt was made to give any supplement to the show. We don't get anything about, maybe, what went on after that last night- did Max go home and face her mom? Or did she camp out at the Byers' with the guys and wait for everyone to come back? How might that first awkward conversation between her and El have gone? Instead we get a summary so brief and pointless it's basically a sparknotes of the end of the show. We end at the snowball, not even with Max looking at Lucas but with her craning her neck to watch Mileven. Whut. Even.

Like I said. Enjoyable through the first half. Insulting in the last half. I went down from a 4 star rating to a 2.5 because of the last 75-100 pages. If you want a purely movie tie in, you'll enjoy this. But don't look for anything to expand the ST universe because this one just kind of gave up on that halfway through. 1984895958 Max a whole legend, an icon.
Billy can choke, so glad that mf is dead 1984895958 Une super lecture hyper addictive, qui déroule l’histoire d’une personne encore trop mystérieuse de Stranger Things.

Une plongée dans la saison 2 de la série netflix du point de vue de Max qui nous raconte son passé, son présent, ses peurs, son quotidien douloureux et effrayant. Une lecture qui satisfera pleinement les fans de la série.

Et bien joué : je détestais Billy avant maintenant j’ai envie de le tuer. 1984895958 This emotional, must-read book tells the background of the beloved and independent Max Mayfield, and of her arrival in Hawkins, IN. While Max does her best to accept the reality of her new home, she also has to deal with family issues at home and a step-brother with a horrible temper. But then she meets Lucas and Dustin; could she have finally found friends?

Runaway Max takes place during the events of season 2 through Max’s point of view, and we learn of her background in CA (including meeting Billy for the first time) through flashbacks and what led to her family’s move to Indiana. There was a good bit of content from season 2 in the book from the parts where Max was present, and it was really insightful to see things from her angle, like meeting the team, growing closer to Lucas, fighting the demodogs, and finally standing up to her brother.

I’ve seen that most of the negative reviews of this book stated that it offered no new material or information into the world of Hawkins and the Upside-down. Yes, this is true. But if you can go in knowing that, I think you may enjoy it more. Go in expecting to learn more about the spunky redhead Max and her bullying step-brother Billy, and I think you’ll enjoy this little companion book to the Stranger Things TV series. Such a quick, fun read that helped me fall even more in love with Max Mayfield. 1984895958 3.5 - This was at its strongest when it was focused on scenes that weren’t already part of the show. Exploring more of Max’s backstory in California and her relationships with her mom, dad, and then Billy and Neil when they were introduced were great parts of the book. There’s some pretty rough stuff in the book when it comes to Billy and Neil, but that’s to be expected based on what we see of them in Stranger Things. I really liked Brenna Yovanoff’s writing and the themes she was exploring through Max’s story.

But what dragged this book down for me was seeing all of the season 2 scenes play out on the page. It’s way more interesting to get all new content rather than having to see scenes rehashed from Max’s POV. For the most part I don’t think it added that much to what was already in the show. It also erased a lot of narrative tension from the book because I knew what was going to happen in a bunch of parts. I think it would’ve been a stronger book if it was all pre-Hawkins or a dual timeline story with her backstory interspersed with an all new story in between seasons 2 and 3. 1984895958

Love love love Max! This book I would say, didn't do her justice though. As strong of a character as she is...this was just meh. Still fun for fans, but ya's MAX. It could has been epic. Definitely more of a YA feel than the first two books. 1984895958 ★★★½

• Help my eyes got wet just from reading the first sentence cause I love Max so darn much and S4 BROKE ME
• ADHD!Max is real and valid (she's always been real and valid, but this book makes it veeeery explicit)
• when Max said the only time I'm able to sit still is at the movies I felt that
• Billy's gay ass though… you’re not subtle, bro
• yeah alright, Max does have a bit of a not like other girls thing going, but I don’t mind
• loooove the complexities and nuances of the Max x Billy dynamic… this book just gets it
• Max going there are four dumbass boys lurking behind a building staring at me and whispering, thinking I can’t see them… they are idiots, alright
• Max naively hoping to become friends with Billy and to get along with him eventually… ugh, now I am sobbing again because of Dear Billy
• Fetus!Lumax has my heart aghdghhdghsdfhhdjjvjkv
• Max immediately comparing Will to her extremely queercoded best friend from California, I see what you’re doing (besides, WillMax is so underrated, I need more of them *snivels*)
• Billy is so well-written, I swear… the portrayal of that sadistic asshole is SPOT ON
• Mike is such a hostile and petty bitch, though… ugh, I love my depressed repressed emo son

We looked around and noticed that Will was gone. I had no idea how we were supposed to find him, but Mike was already off and running, darting around the side of one of the big brick houses.

When Lucas and Dustin tried to help them up, though, Mike shrugged them off and put his arm around Will.

• ah yes... an overprotective boyfriend has been spotted
• the domestic abuse inflicted upon both Max and Billy is so well-handled… and gutwrenching
• the mlm/wlw hostility of (platonic) Madwheeler IS GIVING ME LIFE - they are besties, your honor
• Max is a Byler truther confirmed (I mean we all know she’s the vice president of the Anti-Milkvan club - obviously founded and run by Hopper - but I love that she’s picking up on Byler literally the second she meets these two idiots… Max is the bi bridge between gay Mike and lesbian El, I’m calling it)
• excuuuuuse me… that random middle-aged lady trying to humiliate Max by stealing her diary wtffff is your problem, woman ???
• ADHD!Dustin is also real and valid… but we knew that already
• Mike yelling because you're annoying is still sO hilarious to me because… buddy plsss take a look in the mirror lol. Besides, you guys are literally the epitome of same person, different fonts
• low-key annoying that the dialogue is often copied one-to-one from the show… would have loved to see more detailed conversations
PLATONIC MADWHEELER IS SO REAL THOUGH. Max is literally like: now that Mike and I have had our heart-to-heart in the gym we can finally become besties. And Mike is like: haha no :)
• it’s so interesting seeing Max getting anxious and worried that she might become too much like Billy… babe, you could never<3
• Max' favourite genres being slashers and old monster movies... it just makes sense
• Not Neill being a hardcore Reagan supporter… the math is mathing indeed
• love that Max just does not question the Dustin x Steve friendship... she's like 'ah yes how totally normal that this seventeen-year-old dude spends his Saturday afternoon hanging out with a couple of kids on a junkyard playing monster hunters'
• Steve didn't look like a hero, just some random guy awww poor steeebie
Then Steve was in front of me, shoving me out of the way, squaring up with the bat like he'd face down the whole world and take a chunk out of it before he let anything get to us.

• yeahhhh he's truly the best babysitter❤️
• awwww Max gushing over Nancy and how fierce and pretty she looks… cute cute (bisexual awakening? maybe? hehe)
• Max going on and on about Nancy for an entire page then adding: oh, and there’s some other guy standing next to her. His name is Jonathan. He has shaggy hair. Description over.
• EW. Max witnessing the Milkyway hug and claiming she has never seen anyone look as sure about someone as Mike. lmao S4 wHo sAiD tHaT i diDn’T? / yOu'rE mY suPerHerO! Mike is in your walls.
• I’m not even a Harringrove shipper anymore but I can’t deny the fruitiness of this:
The way Billy and Steve watched each other made me think that maybe it wasn’t even about me. Or at least, not all of it. They were looking at each other with the kind of fixed stares you only get when it’s personal.

• the way they skipped the entire zoomer passage where Max drives Billy’s car… the audacity
• rounding my 3.5★ rating up to four stars even though it was a fairly average read and a pretty straightforward retelling of the events of S2 for the most part, and there really wasn’t much in there I could possibly use for my thesis, but I don’t care. I love Max and I love S2 and I am emotionaaaaaal😭😭😭

Runaway Max (#3) ⭑⭑⭑⭑☆
Rebel Robin (#4) ⭑⭑⭑⭑☆

1984895958 This is a book based on the television program. This book coincides with season two of the television series. It tells events from the side of Max. It also shows events in her life before she comes to live in Hawkins. This book is basically a character book for Max that fleshes out her character.

This book is a very quick read and I believe should only be read by fans of the show. As for the writing I would consider this a YA novel and could be read by fans of all ages. Even though this book is about Max I did think this was a great character book for Billy. We get to see some of his motivations in season three of the series but in this book we dive more into his rebellious teenage ways. There were few scenes that were actual scenes from the series as this book was more about the life of Max and really concentrated on this aspect. That being said fans will recognize and rejoice at the familiar scenes especially the junkyard scene with Steve.

Overall, this book doesn't add much to the story arc as fans probably figured out that Max and her family wasn't the strongest family unit. It fleshes out her character more and I enjoyed that as I always said that was one of the weak points of season two. They brought in new characters during the season that were not fleshed out properly. Fans of the show might like this book as its purpose is for background information. 1984895958 ***3,5 stars***

This is the third book in the Stranger Things Extended Universe. As the title hints at, it explores Max's past, while also rehashing events we've seen already in season 2, but seen through her eyes. It's basically half prequel, half retelling.

The story's well written and I think that Brenda Yovanoff captured Max's spirit and personality perfectly. We also get to see an emotional depth to Max's family, something that was missing from both season's 2 and 3 of the series; as well as much needed information and character background for Billy. I can't make up my mind if I think he's just a rotten person, or if I actually understand him and see the reasons why he is the way he is 🙈 but I enjoyed getting a glimpse into his twisted personality.

Overall a great, fast paced read that I would definitely recommend to any Stranger Things fan.
1984895958 Max is a great addition to Stranger Things in season two, so I was really looking forward to this prequel/ companion YA novel from her perspective. The best part of this novel are the flashbacks set shortly before she comes into the show. It's pretty great getting to see all of her strengths and internal feelings about what's going on in her life and her family. The weakest points of the book are scenes that happen during the course of the show involving the main characters and plot instead of sticking with her and her family. The main reason for that is because the writing really glosses over it, so basically if you haven't watched the tv series you would really out of the loop. Otherwise, though, the writing's quite good and we get some nice character insight on Max. I definitely want to rewatch season two again. 1984895958