Rules Free VRMMO Life: Omnibus I (Volumes 1-4) (VRMMO Life Omnibus) By Stuart Grosse

This book is disturbing. Kindle Edition What I wanted to read: A villain in a litrpg story not about a cannibalistic rapist. Maybe some people are into that but eww. It was decently written though. Kindle Edition Even with the stats I enjoyed this. I don't know if it's the string of uninteresting books I read before, but this pushed the right buttons, people doing what needed to be done.

I've read short reviews and was told by people in my book group that this book was dark and not for the faint of heart. This wasn't even shocking. I don't know if they have read much books with bad things happening, but this wasn't even anything to write home about.

I will be picking up the next part. Maybe my tolerance of stats will be gone by then.

3/5 Stars Kindle Edition 3.5 Kindle Edition I was pleasantly surprised by this collection and would say it's a very strong 4 stars. It just missed the mark of making me want to give it 5, but it has that potential as the story develops in future volumes.

This is a great story that basically describes what happens when players get tired of playing 'good' campaigns and decide to run an 'evil' one to change things up and get it out of their system. I think anyone who has D&D experience has gotten tired of all the do-gooding and ran at least a short module with an evil party.

This book describes that journey by way of a Virtual Reality MMO. After playing for 16 years as a paladin, the MC decides make the jump into a sister-game and start over by reincarnating his current character in exchange for some starting bonus stats and talents on a brand new one.

I'll just say right off, this evil run is no joke and things escalate in certain ways extremely quickly. Putting it simply, this new game has a slave economy, lots of sexual aggression and punishment, and even something else that literally made my jaw drop. Such things aren't for everyone, but I will say that the story is the priority here.

All too often, stories just end up being sex scenes tied together with flimsy excuses for plots and you can tell where the author's priorities lie. Thankfully, the author here never gets off track and, despite the extreme amounts of sex packed into this book, keeps the plot moving at a good pace.

The only reason this didn't quite get to 5 stars with me was the lack of urgency and stakes I felt. The story is told in first person past kind of like how a person would share their adventure over the campfire. The story is interesting to keep me at the edge of my seat at times, but some of the quests just didn't have much going other than basic leveling and looting. It seems like many of the upcoming story arcs will have more at stake for the 'hero' though so I am looking forward to it.

I would recommend this book to any litrpg fan who isn't afraid to get a bit dirty. Kindle Edition

The year is 2076, and mankind has perfected VR technology, using the Chip, an implant that interfaces directly with the human brain, using it like an organic computer. Age of Anarchy Online (AAO) is the newest game released by Icestorm, makers of the legendary World of Destiny (WoD).

Unlike VR games before it, AAO promises a 110% 'Better Than Life' realism experience, and to showcase this, Icestorm announces that AAO will have no 'Out of Character' rules, save for actions like hacking or exploiting system errors. Players can do anything to NPCs and even other players, and there will be no consequences save what one may suffer in game. Do what thou wilt, but it may be done to you in turn.

Mike Greene, better known in WoD as Torgan, a max level Paladin and leader of the Lords of Light, one of the top 'light side' guilds in WoD, now sets off on a new adventure in AAO.


Author's Note: If you haven't guessed, there's going to be all kinds of nastiness in this story. Violence, language, racism, sexism, sex, gore, vore, and more! If you have triggers of any kind, this is your warning. If you're looking for a nice, heartwarming tale like Sword Art Online, keep looking. There will be 'good guys' as well, but this is a story where Might IS Right. However, if you've read Watchmen and Wanted, and like what you read (READ, not the movies!), then you just may find this story in your strike zone. And for f*ck's sake, this is just a story! Don't take this as an endorsement of any of the actions in this story.

**This is an omnibus edition containing the first four volumes of Rules-Free VRMMO Life.** Rules Free VRMMO Life: Omnibus I (Volumes 1-4) (VRMMO Life Omnibus)

Stuart Grosse í 9 FREE READ


Great Series. What a gem. I judged a book by it's cover but so glad to have found and took a chance on it. Great litrpg series that takes mmorpg elements and uses it to enhance the story instead of making it stale. Has some adult moments and they are enjoyable, different and interesting but lightly spread throughout the series. I listened to the audiobook. Can't wait for the next one! Definitely looking into his other books. Kindle Edition Entertaining Gamelit, but not for everyone. 3.5stars

Somewhere in the future VR technology was perfected and MMO games are the new rage. Enter our main character who always played for the Goodguys. Having played 16 years as the ultimate Goodguy, he decides to enter into a new game and go the ultimate Badguy route. Expect things to be explicit, a bit disturbing. Our main character dives into the game to gain power, gain levels and capture slaves.

So yeah this is not your regular SF/ Fantasy novel. The main character doesn't pull punches, and though the detail are rarely explicit, the acts themselves aren't pretty. Having said that, I kind of enjoyed the story. Grosse's writing was easy to follow and the characters distinct. I especially liked the few offline out-of-character moments.

Recommended for readers +18 who have read and accepted the warning in the blurb.

Kindle Edition