Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3) By Dani Wyatt

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The day I met her was the best and the worst day of my life.

Anika was the temptation I didn’t see coming. She had the wisdom of an owl, the spirit of a wolf and the majesty of an eagle. With copper hair, the freckles of youth and the curves of a woman, my dreams night and day were filled with what I wanted from her.

What I wanted to do with her.

What I knew we could never have.

The corpses piled up over the years as I carried out my silent, sworn duty to protect her at all costs. But when she flees from her royal fate, what was once off limits is now my sole purpose.

We will run. As long and hard as we must, until we find our own happily ever after.

Even if it takes a lifetime.

Readers: The third standalone book in the Fated Royals series is here! He’s as obsessed as they come. We’re talking full on stalker with no shame. So, tighten your corsets, grab a chalice of wine and get ready for a hot, wild ride in this safe, no cheating ever, fantasy historical romp from Dani Wyatt & Nikolai Andrew. Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3)

Off the charts

The writing and flow of this book is done well. I absolutely recommend this book. Can't wait for the next one Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3) Obsession by Dani Wyatt and Nikolai Andrew is the third book in the Royally Hot series and can be read as a standalone since the characters have no connection to the other stories released thus far. I really enjoyed the author's take on erotic historical romance because I was quite invested in the plot, character development, and romance. Anika and Maksim are step-siblings but the reality is that they are not. Her mother married his uncle so there is some connection or relation between them. Anika does call Maksim her brother and he his sister so there is that taboo/forbidden element to the story. The attraction and sexual chemistry between these two was always present and palpable throughout the book. Even though Maksim treated Anika harshly and cruelly in front of others, he was also in love with her at the same time. Similarly, Anika was intensely attracted to Maksim but hated him because of his disdain towards her. The theme of love and hate being two sides of the same coin can be applied to their relationship.

I hated her as much as I loved her. She stripped me of all my control, of all my sanity.

In addition to the romance, the plot played a significant role in the development of their relationship as Anika's mother and Maksim's uncle sought to control and marry her off to a neighboring country with Maksim going crazy because of it. All this time, he was treating her coldly and cruelly to keep her safe but it was all in vain. With this in mind, Maksim decides to claim Anika as his. At the same time, Anika is resolved to escape her predicament no matter the cost. The push and pull between Maksim and Anika had to be my favorite aspect of this book. When they finally decided to consummate their relationship, it was dirty, erotic, and incredibly sexy. Maksim had a darker side to him and he was ready to unleash it on Anika.

I feared him. I loved him. I despised him. I needed him.

In the end, I really enjoyed this book and am now curious about the other books in this series. This was previously published as Royal Obsession and although I remember reading that book, it seems like this re-release has added additional story content and an epilogue—which I really enjoyed and appreciated. If you are looking for a spicy historical romance with a dirty talking hero who is obsessed with his heroine, I highly recommend this book. The love and hate they had for each other made for some sizzling scenes as they came to terms with their feelings for one another.

*This ARC was generously provided by the author and publisher for an honest review* Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3) was a bit bummed with how mean he was to the h the first 50% of the book. Just due to forbidden romance. But everything flipped instantly at 50% and it was all go from there. One thing for sure, from page 1 this book is steamy. Very dominant H. Who also cried when he felt it. Safe. The H always made sure the h was taken care of and went above and behind when he could finally have her Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3) Action packed!
This is the story of Maskim and Anika, a prince and a princess, step brothers and their forbidden love turned into a happily ever after. In between there's a lot of self doubt, a lot of secrets and so. much. action! This one is a true page turner, and though you hope for a happy ending, the road is sinuous and you almost cannot guess what the next scene will bring.
I loved how complex their relationship was behind closed doors and their chemistry was above the charts. This right here is a mark of Dani Wyatt's writing but Nikolai's style become more rounded, well shaped with each new book, the intensity of the hero seems to be a mark of his.
I also liked the supporting characters and how there's a little love story inserted there, too. And although this is a true fairy tale, with the good and the bad so well represented, the facets of both the queen and the king make this story richer, more complex, a little more real. Another winner!
Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3) Maksim will get what he wants!!

Maksim has an obsession for his step-sister, Anika and he will claim her even if she has been promised to another. Anika is not sure if she hates her step-brother, Maksim or if she loves him but that won't stop him from taking what's his! Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3)


These two authors have done it again! This third installment is the best one yet.

Maksim and Anika are so wonderful together. The taboo factor just adds to the story. Love how Maksim is so alpha with Anika and how she gives in return.

Can't wait to see what else these authors have in store for us in the future! Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3) To me, this book as a page turner. Anika and Maksim to taboo and so very good. Maksim is very much obsessed with his step-sister and wants to be with Anika so much that he turns his love for her into hate and tries to keep her away. Anika knows that she should not be having feelings the way she is about Maksim but she can't stop herself. Anika is very shy around Maksim but she craves what only he is about to give her. I loved this book. I love the emotions and all the drama that his book offered; and don't for get about steam! I would highly recommend this book, this series and these two amazing authors.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review. Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3) This book has it all, A/P, taboo, stepbrother/stepsister, evil parents, and that's just the beginning. Prince Maksim is the alpha heir to the throne but secretly he's in love with the stepsister he can never have. Anika is the stepsister he covets and spoils. People seem to think he's just like the king but is he? Who is Maksim really?

When the king and queen announce the upcoming wedding of Anika to a royal from a neighboring kingdom what will Maksim do to prevent it? But does Anika feel the same?

I love Dani's books. I've been a fan for years. This writing team is amazing and I'm looking forward to more to come.

I did receive a copy for an honest review. Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3) I am Obsessed with this Series. Each story is just mind blowing and a real page turner. I Couldn't get enough of Maxsim. He is a true Hero. I Couldn't put it down.

I Highly Recommend all Readers to Go One Click this book now. Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3) This series just keeps getting better and better. Love this writing duo. In this installment we get the Taboo Stepsibling romance. At first Maksim tries to deny himself what he truly wants and craves, and Anika doesn’t understand why she has the feelings that she does. Loved that this angst made Maksim a brooding alpha and Anika was no damsel in distress, she could definitely take care of herself. Once these two gave into their desires the passion between the two steamed up the pages. I will definitely be reading this one again!! Royal Obsession (Fated Royals, #3)