Rogets International Thesaurus 7th Edition By Barbara A Kipfer

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I don’t seem to get a lot of writing done when I pull this out. I tend to get lost in exploring words. Hardcover, Paperback No writer should ever be without this essential resource. So often the writer's challenge does not lie in finding a simple synonym or alternative for a particular word, but for alternatives to determining the exact word or phrase that accurately describes a feeling or Hardcover, Paperback Easy to handle in my easy chair or at a desk. Replacing a much older version and I like that its been updated to include words that were not even needed or imagined 20 years ago! It's a go to book for me as I love writing! Hardcover, Paperback This book is an excellent source for those who write, for speeches or otherwise. I found it a bit difficult to navigate at first, but once I caught on to the style of the settings, then I found it gave me ample analytical verbiage. I am really glad that we can still buy a Hardcover, Paperback The organization of this thesaurus caught me by surprise. Instead of having all the words listed alphabetically,and giving synonyms for each word, this book sets it up differently. It has different categories in the index, such as feelings, weather, the body, etc., and then Hardcover, Paperback

A classic reference book that has been used by millions all over the world, Rogets International Thesaurus is the product of than a century and a half of continual expansion, reorganization, and improvement. Today this book is not only the most time tested and bestselling thesaurus ever, but, newly revised, it is also the most up to date and comprehensive reflection of the English language as it is currently used. The revolutionary achievement of Dr. Peter Mark Rogets first edition in 1852 was the development of a brand new principle: the arrangement of words and phrases according to their meanings. Dr. Rogets system brings together in one place all the terms associated with a single thought or concept; it allows a wide ranging survey of language within a book of relatively modest size, without the space consuming repetitions that so severely limit the scope of thesauruses arranged in a dictionary format with A to Z entries. This brilliant organization makes Rogets International Thesaurus both the most efficient word finder and a cutting edge aid in stimulating thought, organizing ideas, and writing and speaking clearly and effectively. This revised and updated seventh edition features thousands of new words and phrases, including the newest slang words and expressions that color and inform everyday language. At the same time, it retains all the hallmarks that have made Rogets International Thesaurus the most popular word reference book next to the dictionary. Rogets International Thesaurus 7th Edition


Arrived as stated but some damage to the book cover. Hardcover, Paperback Fine All Around Dealer AAA 1 = Triple A 1 Gold Plated Highly Recommended It is futile to compare any thesaurus to Roget's. On a score of say, 10, Roget's rates at 10 out of 10. Any other thesaurus is but an attempt at gnawing at Roget's Highest Score for Hardcover, Paperback Beautiful resource. Hardcover, Paperback