Robert Hooke Classics: Micrographia: with all 38 full-page scheme Illustrations By Robert Hooke

Update: There was an issue with the print save file that caused streaky illustrations. This issue has been updated and fixed as of 2/14/2022. Sorry for the inconvenience.Micrographia: or Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses. With Observations and Inquiries Thereupon. is a historically significant book by Robert Hooke about his observations through various lenses. Robert Hooke Classics: Micrographia: with all 38 full-page scheme Illustrations

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Very nice B089CLZM99 This is a poor quality book printed by . The illustrations are not reproductions of Hooke’s engravings but pencil(?) copies. I feel that I have been misled. I will be much careful when using in future now I know this is the kind of thing they get up to. B089CLZM99 I can't agree with the reviews that complain about the quality of the drawings. This IS a print on demand book, and perhaps the publishers have tweaked their formatting so the drawings reproduce better.But all the drawing appear at the very beginning of the book, with Hooke's Fig. and Scheme labels and no explanations of what you're looking at. Google Books makes it clear that originally these pictures were interspersed with the text, which presumably made it clear what the pictures are actually of. B089CLZM99 I was a little apprehensive when I decided to buy this book, which has no publisher listed, and is Copyright 2020, Robert Hooke (??) (Of course, it was originally published in 1665; the first illustrated book on microscopy and the first use of the term cell.) However, as far as I can tell, it is a faithful printing of the original, with all of the pictures reproduced in good resolution for the size of the book (medium sized paperback). Although this is the kind of book that would be nice in a coffee table version, with large glossy reprints and perhaps some pages of the original script and other illustrations of 17th century life/science, I think think this version is than adequate for gaining an appreciation of Hooke's work, and is an excellent value for the price.As to the book itself, it is really delightful to read Hooke's actual words his sense of delight and wonder at these things that no one had seen before. It gives a sense of the wide open world of biology at the time, and how the microscope opened the door to a whole new and mysterious domain. B089CLZM99 A nice collection for the bookshelf. B089CLZM99