RMS Titanic: A Modelmaker#39;s Manual By Peter Davies Garner


I have recently started modelling in Blender, and thought of making a virtual model of the Titanic, but I lacked the plans for much of the deck equipment and the smaller details. This book is wonderful for that, and it is a great price for all of the plans you would receive, though you may need some context and understanding beforehand to fully grasp the plans themselves. Because I do not intend to physically model the ship, I have not read the written part. All in all, this is a great book to obtain plans economically, as I have seen plans of this ship go for much than the price of this book. RMS Titanic: A Modelmaker#39;s Manual The book gives a brief history of the ill fated liner and then goes onto the making of the model, which is huge and the most accurate to date. Although most models will be smaller, I am finding the detailed pictures and diagrams incredibly useful for my Trumpeter 1/200 scale model, for colour schemes and rigging. The author also goes into great about how all the elements were brought together to allow for the remarkable realism of the completed ship. It was (and still is) a joy to read and has given me many ideas on how to complete such things as rigging and how to secure it. (Something not included in the model) RMS Titanic: A Modelmaker#39;s Manual Grande acquisto, lo consiglio a tutti i modellisti che hanno intenzione di costruire un modello del Titanic. Peter Davis Garner autore del libro, spiegherà passo passo la sua realizzazione. Unica pecca, libro non tradotto in italiano. Pazienza RMS Titanic: A Modelmaker#39;s Manual I highly recommend this book for any Titanic model builder. 👌 RMS Titanic: A Modelmaker#39;s Manual i bought the book for building the titanic. not enough pictures in the book. for beginners they need details with pictures. not worth that amount of money. not a bad book. RMS Titanic: A Modelmaker#39;s Manual

RMS Titanic has had written about her than any other ship but, surprisingly, there is little information directed at the model shipwright. This new edition of the bestselling manual contains all the information needed to build a highly accurate model, right down to the tiniest details of the hull's rivets. The book is based on the author's own remarkable 18ft model, commissioned for a travelling exhibition through North America and Europe. It contains a mass of practical information on how to construct every part of the great liner and is equally useful for building a small, static bread and butter display model as it is for creating a large scale working version. It is illustrated throughout with superb close up photographs of the model, detailed drawings, and a large collection of photographs of the prototype herself. In addition the book contains a complete set of plans of the Titanic which are considered to be the most accurate yet drawn. This new paperback edition makes all this remarkable information available again to a new generation of Titanic enthusiasts and modellers. AUTHOR: Peter Davies Garner trained as an architect before taking up modelling for architectural practises. His particular fascination with Titanic led to the building of the remarkable model which is the subject of this book. 400 colour and b/w images RMS Titanic: A Modelmaker#39;s Manual

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