Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable : Grover, Tim By Tim Grover

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Confess that I only got a few pages into this, but couldn't really take any . Basically people are either coolers, closers or cleaners and you get lots of examples of the behaviours that characterise these personality types. Gems like A cooler is liked, a closer is respected, a cleaner is feared then respected for doing exactly what everybody feared he'd do.I'm not sure if the author taught this mindset to Kobe Bryant, developed this theory from observations of top athletes or just needed three convenient ways of saying good, better, winner.Teenage me would have spooned this stuff up, but as a grown up I find it hard to buy into all these psychological insights that seem to built on barstool anecdotes.Plus the author is just too much: Like my friend and client Charles Barkley threw a guy through a plate glass window told the judge I wish I'd taken him to the third floor and thrown him. Oh behave!

It sounds like a great concept, and the author clearly has credentials, but really this book is of absolutely zero use. Well, unless you want to just read about a series of anecdotes about basketball players (about whom I know nothing about, but that shouldn't really be a problem).There's nothing about how to actually gain the Cleaner mindset. At times he skates close to giving some useful tips, but then just name drops and moves on.And ultimately I couldn't take the Closer, Cooler, Cleaner concept seriously. I mean really? Are those the best names he could come up with or just the first ones that popped into his head? I feel this is the single most important book I have ever read. No question whatsoever. I'm not going to bother talking about the content, if you want a flavour check him on youtube.Sure he doesn't spoon feed everything to you as some 1 star reviewers are moaning about. And?Read the book, interpret what he says and look at how you can apply it to your own life. I sincerely wish I had this book when I was a teenager.Thank you TIm. You've unleashed something lying within me that I've left dormant for way too long.Buy it. Disappointed with this as showed so much promise from an author who has worked with the greats of basketball.There were a few key takeaway points for the real world, but overall this book was just self promoting the author & was directed at other basketball stars that might want to use him. This is a great book about peak performance. Tim Grover has built his career working with some of the top athletes in the world and making them even greater. He divides athletes into three categories:1. The Cooler2.The Closer3. The CleanerCOOLERA person that you give a job to, and you will get the desired result. You will not get anything above that or extraordinary. The desired result will be satisfactory, and in the borders of what you asked for. You are not going to get anything exceptional.CLOSERCloser is a level above cooler. Closers are people that you can give a task to do and they will deliver great results back. They will deliver it the majority of the time, as long as not too many variables are thrown at them.CLEANERThis is a whole new level, a “ I do not think” person. They are so well prepared, they do not think and just do. They spend hours and hours of time (years actually) getting prepared, that no matter what is thrown at them they are going to deliver that end result at all times, over and over and over again. They will be exceptional at it. Their instincts are so dead on, that no matter what variable, what problem is thrown at them, they can adjust on the fly and have the ability to get themselves in the “zone”.Tim Grover talks about a few of the athletes he has worked with, from the late Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Reading this book made me also think of soccer super star, Cristiano Ronaldo and how he is a cleaner too. These lessons from sport can be applied in business too. This is one of the best quotes I got from the book: A great leader knows the best way to get people to raise their performance is to put them where they can truly excel, not just where you want them to excel. Cleaners don't block others from reaching the top with them, if they're capable and ready.Overall a great read, especially if you are one of those people wanting to keep doing better and better.


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