Refuge in Time (After Cilmeri, #14) By Sarah Woodbury

April 2022. When an unknown gunman sends David and William back to Earth Two, Michael and Livia are left gasping along with the rest of their universe. Accepting that their respective employers are possible suspects, not to mention untrustworthy, the pair band together in the shooting's immediate aftermath, in an attempt to put the first few pieces of the puzzle together. But when an unexpected bout of time travel upends everyone yet again, Michael and Livia realize they are on their own, and that this particular puzzle is one that they--and only they--can solve.

Refuge in Time takes place immediately following the events of Champions of Time, the previous book in the After Cilmeri series.

Complete Series reading order: Daughter of Time, Footsteps in Time, Winds of Time, Prince of Time, Crossroads in Time, Children of Time, Exiles in Time, Castaways in Time, Ashes of Time, Warden of Time, Guardians of Time, Masters of Time, Outpost in Time, Shades of Time, Champions of Time, Refuge in Time. Also, This Small Corner of Time: The After Cilmeri Series Companion. Refuge in Time (After Cilmeri, #14)

The After Cilmeri Series is very entertaining. I always look forward to each new book. My only complaint is that they are far too short. It also feels like there is so much more of the story yet to be told. Bring on the next instalment quickly please. Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance Great to Get to Know More

Really enjoyed getting to know Cade. And the newer folks from the recent timeline. But layers within layers within layers keeps you guessing even at the end Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance Unanswered questions

Enjoyed the book very much but was too short & It left you with questions like an where's David &William? Hope more develops between Michael & Alivia and I liked how the plot thickens on Earth One - please don't leave us hanging long for the next book. Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance A fast-paced well-developed storyline, and great characters. Sarah gets better with each new book. Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance After waiting impatiently for this next installment of this series was a little disappointed. Very little about David and his family more about the new characters introduced. Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance

I finished reading it in one day! Spen the entire day reading! It was that good! Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance I fear the series has jumped the shark

Set almost immediately and concurrently with the previous book, this book follows primarily Livia and Michael as they try to discover who shot at David prompting David’s return home to essentially earth two the Middle Ages.

That’s essentially the plot.

And the plot is a little thin on the ground. First time travel and I don’t want to reveal who is the traveler and why, but let’s just say that it felt like the author was reaching to find a way to transport people.

Also the characterization felt off we’ve been introduced to Sophie in the previous Book and we had several chapters in her POV. And in none of them did we get any hints toward her feeling homesick or missing life in the 21st-century. So when the first chapter of this book comes in and she suddenly homesick it feels out of character. The same is true with a couple of other of the 21ster characters particularly the newbies.

Frankly this series has started to feel like it’s dragging and that the author is trying to stretch it out which is essentially her cash cow. I’ve bought all of the previous books including this one. The next book I’m just going to check out from my library.

I hope that it is better than this one. But I don’t have a whole Lot of hope I feel like this series has jumped the shark. And like what happened in happy days along drawn out slip into cancellation.

Three stars for an okay read that has lost the shine of the earlier books.
Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance As you can see I am deep into this series. It must be read from the beginning or you will be lost and possibly bored.

This one is a pretty good cat and mouse in the modern world, with some Medieval thrown in and not one but THREE time travels which is more than most of the books have. Also, someone gets his comeuppance which made me very happy. Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance Enjoyed it, but not as much as most of the others. A little too much time spent in “Avalon” for my taste. It also felt more open ended then the others, but that could just be because I’ve finally reached the end of what is available in the series. Three stars is a good rating from me since 5 is very rare, and many of my favorites get 4. I absolutely look forward to continuing this series. Unfortunately for me, I discovered it just as this book was being released, so I’m guessing it will take at least a year for me to be able to continue. The series is an easy and enjoyable read, so I will likely do a re-read at some point before the next release. The author has one more series I haven’t tried, but I think I’ll take a little break from medieval Wales before I try it out. Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance Excellent, as always!

As with all of Ms. Woodbury's books, this one started out at a slow pace, to crescendo to an exciting and satisfying ending. I was away from reading, due to other things to do at home; but, when I came back to the book I spent too many hours of lost sleep finishing the book! Ms. Woodbury has the ability to write her books with accurate historical facts and yet place characters in the story to whom you become attached. I hope her next book in this series is not too far in the future;but, in the meantime I will read one of her other series of books; probably the Pendragon series. Don't stop writing these types of books Ms. Woodbury as you have an exceptional ability with historical facts and character combination. Historical Mystery, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance

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