Red Roses (Hope Herring #4) By J.A. Whiting

I really love the characters in this story. The story was so well written that it was easy to read. This will make you want more. Great Reading Everyone! J.A. Whiting Great

A very good series. Hard to put down. Great characters.
I love the history from Max and very good Southern manners. J.A. Whiting Loved Book

This was a interesting book filled with suspense twists and turns.
I loved the storyline and all the intriguing characters. J.A. Whiting Good series. Looking forward to the next one! J.A. Whiting Great story

This is a great story in the Hope Herring series by J A Whiting. I love the characters and the storyline. J.A. Whiting


J.A. Whiting Å 2 Review

This is book 4 in the Hope Herring cozy mystery series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author J.A. Whiting and Nell McCarthy.
It is February in North Carolina and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching The holidays are hard for Hope since losing her husband, and this one, in particular, will be difficult.
She and her resident ghost keep looking for clues to his hundred-year old murder and as she continues to research her husband’s death, she finds things that frighten her.
If all that wasn’t enough, Hope is worried about one of her students, and when one thing leads to another she ends up embroiled in a mess of a situation.
Will Hope be able to keep her daughter, Cori, her student, and herself safe or will danger strike before she figures out what's going on? Red Roses (Hope Herring #4)

Another winner!

I love these stories. Well written, great characters, a good mystery, and a resident ghost! The Hope Herring Mysteries are such a delightful way to read away a rainy day, a hot day, or any day! J.A. Whiting Another great cozy mystery in this series! Hope and and her daughter try to help one of Hope's students and become involved in a murder as a result. The characters are complex and likeable, and the story integrates several mysteries. I can't wait for the next book! J.A. Whiting Hope has become a know it all

I enjoyed the first two books. With the 3rd book I felt like Hope was becoming Very pretentious And her relationship with her daughter unrealistic. She always had words of wisdom to offer that were Very judgmental. I like the storing line with max but find hope's Appreciation of herself to be difficult to handle. J.A. Whiting 2021 bk 64. The newest, until the next one comes out. I am beginning to see the patterns of the Whiting/McCarthy team. Reflection, new angst, murder, resolution. Still I read this as much for the interaction between mother and daughter. If you are a mother, or a daughter, I recommend this series for the relationship as much if not more than the mystery. J.A. Whiting Valentine killer.

One of Hopes students comes to school with black eyes, which gets Hope involved with the girls mother, who is later found dead. Once again on the suspect list for finding the body, she needs to help solve the crime to clear herself. J.A. Whiting