Radiohead Complete: Lyrics Chords By Radiohead


For fans. Basic chords and notation but a nice book. Radiohead Complete: Lyrics Chords Utterly incredibly collection of accurate chords and lyrics in a book that can only be described as absolutely beautiful. This stunning book also includes a collection of artwork from album and single covers and shouldn't just be considered by musicians, but anyone who really enjoys Radiohead. I debated getting this for a while for to the price but I'm so pleased I did. What a band Radiohead Complete: Lyrics Chords This chordbook is just what it says it is.a complete chordbook of Radiohead songs. It doesn't contain any sheet music (its a chord book) but one can easily work out the melodies if familiar with the songs.It has been nicely buffed out with various Radiohead artwork which add to the beauty of this wonderful little book. Radiohead Complete: Lyrics Chords This is absolutely comprehensive, and neatly transcribed. Plus points are it’s compiled by Album, and the index has an additional section whereby songs are grouped by the 1st line of the track. Also included are fantastic photos of Stanley Donwood’s artwork from each album. Radiohead Complete: Lyrics Chords This is the (current) definitive book of Radiohead music. I'm a piano player but the chord info helps to build the basics of each song. I can read music (badly!) but I like taking the chord sequences and creating the sound of a song, which to me is fun and rewarding. I had tried to work out some of the songs using info from videos but that particular Radiohead sound wasn't there, despite playing what appeared to be the right chords. Using this book I have realised that it is all about the way the chords are manipulated, eg with 7ths and 9ths. It's interesting that I would normally play a standard C7 as C E G Bflat but here the 7ths are semitones not tones, eg B natural. It makes such an interesting sound! Perhaps that's obvious, but it's like a major revelation for me! The only criticism I would level at the book, which is true of every thick ish sheet music book I have, is that you have to really manipulate the spine to be able to get the book to stay open when playing. I can't be the only person driven mad by this, can I? That apart, the book has art, all the songs and is authorised by the band. What's not to love? Radiohead Complete: Lyrics Chords

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