Quitting Weed: The Complete Guide (English Edition) eBook : Clarke, Matthew By Matthew Clarke

great book to read if you want to quit smoking ! Kindle-editie, Paperback


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Just as there are responsible drinkers and alcoholics, there are those who can moderate their cannabis use and those who cannot. Quitting Weed: The Complete Guide is the definitive book on overcoming cannabis addiction. A former addict himself, Matthew Clarke provides an easy to follow, comprehensive guide for understanding how cannabis addiction works, and most importantly, detailed advice on how to conquer addiction – permanently.​Learn about the science and psychology of cannabis addiction – understand what drives your addictionUnderstand cannabis withdrawal symptoms and how to best treat themKnow what to expect during the quitting process – relapses, self doubt, emotional ups and downsUnderstand how to overcome the obstacles to sobriety – mental gymnastics, social pressure, boredom, nostalgiaEmbrace the Quitting Mindset – discover the knowledge and approaches necessary for maintaining long term sobriety If you are struggling to quit and you want to learn how to quit successfully, this book is for you – you'll never look at cannabis the same way again. Quitting Weed: The Complete Guide (English Edition) eBook : Clarke, Matthew

I loved everything about this book. It covers so much; the science behind weed use, the impacts on our brain, the obstacles to sobriety, techniques to help you quit and SO much . I have been a daily smoker since 14 and I’m now 27. 9 days sober and this book has been an integral part of my sobriety journey thus far. Kindle-editie, Paperback Libro che ti aiuta a capire le ragioni dietro la dipendenza, onestamente non ho voglia di scrivere troppo ma è il libro migliore che potessi trovare. Grazie mille all'autore, grazie, grazie, grazie :) Kindle-editie, Paperback I rarely write reviews, but this book has changed my outlook on quitting weed. It doesn't feel so scary and daunting any. I now understand the process and pitfalls to expect.I've tried and failed, and tried and failed, and tried and failedto quit my cannabis addiction for years now. Even kidding myself a few times, into believing I could moderate my usage.It's like Matthew has written this book for me. I have a newfound confidence in my sobriety. This book gives me the strength to not fear relapses. Deep down I always wished someone would come and save me. This book has taught me how to save myself.The section about a weed addict's broken reward system was startling.I've also applied a lot of these teachings towards other addictive behaviours in my life. E.g Alcohol, Fizzy/Energy drinks, Excessive youtube consumption.Matthew, I want to thank you so much. You've changed my life. Or should I say. I've changed my life! :)Do not hesitate. You can do this. Buy this book and stop wasting any of your precious life on the green demon. You only get once chance. I believe in you. 3 Kindle-editie, Paperback Helpful book Kindle-editie, Paperback Gave me a very harsh self realization. Great read for anyone who has been looking to quit and has been having trouble doing so. Kindle-editie, Paperback