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Semplicemente eccellente, una delle storie più avvincenti che abbia lettoConsigliassimo! y 1 más , Tapa dura, Tapa blanda The whirlwind of ideas brought on by the Reformation serve as both a backdrop and motive of the novel's plot. If you're looking for an action packed book that is both eloquent and entertaining, this is for you. It's so full of life that I'm honestly still shocked the book doesn't look weathered and volatile sitting on my coffee table right now it seems like it should be barely bound together considering all the turmoil contained in its pages. That said, it can initially be a difficult read due to the nature of the narration (memories told at a later date are interspersed with chapters that date back to the time those memories played out.) While this was confusing at first, just pay attention to the dates and you'll get used to it pretty quickly. In my opinion, it's a lot powerful to tell the story in the present tense, so it only adds to the novel's effect when the authors jump around in time.Note: As a huge history nerd, the extent and accuracy of the historical research that went into writing this thing is totally impressive.This is a must read if you're interested in religious history and the nature of ideas/their intersections with politics. It reads in a lot of ways as an Early Modern whodunnit mystery. I won't say any so as to not give anything away, but i'll just casually mention that the character growth of some of the main characters is worth the read alone.Warnings: This book will make you teary eyed. I mean, it might it did for me. But not so much because I felt the emotions of the characters etc, rather because it makes one of the most turbulent periods in history completely real. This was a time when old ways of thinking were turned upside down and the world was thrown into chaos. You feel that the whole way through. It has a really distinctive voice. (I didn't want it to end. AND LUCKILY IT DOESN'T HAVE TO! If it's your thing, the authors switched their name to Wu Ming and wrote a sequel called Altai.) Sex, violence, profanity: the essentials are all here It is long. But also, it is not long, because it's a page turner and you won't be able to stop. The chapters are really short and so you keep saying One chapter, then I'll call it a night.. No. You will not stop. Not until your eyes are sore or you need to pee, or sleep, or take your mother to the airport.Helpful Hints Echoes of Marxism. If you go into it thinking about Marx and socialism generally, you will see what I mean. In a lot of ways, the Anabaptist ideologies in here foreshadow Marxism. If you like political commentary, this will add another level of interest for you. Fun fact: The authors are 4 unnamed anarchists ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you are unfamiliar with the politics of the Reformation period, the Anabaptists, the Inquisition, and/or conversos/marranos, I recommend looking them up, this book is so full of references to these things that I think this will help you out. y 1 más , Tapa dura, Tapa blanda I've slogged through about 60 pages of this novel.This way of writing is not for me as I got lost, straight off the bat, by 2 page chapters and letters which leap forward and backward in time.No idea of who is who, what's going onI'm a great historical novel fan but, this one (for the reasons that I mentioned), just made my brain hurt ! y 1 más , Tapa dura, Tapa blanda Tanto quiero a la versión original que estaba muy curiosa leer la versión inglés, traducido muy bien pero claro, el original es mejor y 1 más , Tapa dura, Tapa blanda A very well written history thriller with a dense atmosphere and a well presented and relatively fast paced plot. Haven't finished it yet, but I'd definitely recommend it.For learners of English as a second language: The level of English is quite difficult, as lots of 'historic' vocabulary from relatively unknown areas of medieval topics come up regularly (I've mastered in English at uni and it's one of the difficult books I've read e.g. harder than Louis de Bernieré's 'Cpt. Correllis Mandolin')But try it it's really good. y 1 más , Tapa dura, Tapa blanda

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キリスト教の理解が不足しているためか、英語への翻訳が上手くないのか、よく判らぬ点が多い。 y 1 más , Tapa dura, Tapa blanda

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