Proverbs: The Ways of Wisdom By Kathleen Buswell Nielson

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Proverbs: The Ways of Wisdom leads the reader in a detailed study of this book of wisdom literature. Each lesson's five days of questions (along with helpful comments and context) guide in a process of careful examination and application of the biblical text. Early lessons explore the background, shape, and theme of the entire book. The bulk of the lessons dig into Proverbs' poetic kaleidoscope of wisdom-themes: words, work, neighbors and friends, marriage and family, sex, money, planning for the future. This study leads readers to listen well to God's inspired word in the book of Proverbs. Proverbs: The Ways of Wisdom

I really struggled with this book. I am a firm believer that you cannot pick and choose verses in the Bible to prove your point. You have to take everything in context to understand what God is trying to say to you through his Word. While I understand that Proverbs does not lend itself well to this expository style, and it may be more useful to lump verses into different categories as she did, I did not appreciate that the she would also pick and choose verses from other passages in the Bible to support the point she was trying to make. This is a slippery slope, and I don’t feel like it was well navigated in this book. I will add that this is the first (and probably last) book I have read by this author, so I cannot speak to whether or not this is her typical style of writing, or if it was just her preferred way to simplify the book of Proverbs. Overall, I’d skip this one. Christian This book is a great guide to studying Proverbs. I like the simple structure and have come to like (by the end!) Neilson’s division of the Proverbs into topics. More application questions may have been helpful, but a discussion leader can add those. Passages outside of Proverbs are frequently referenced. Overall this is a great resource to survey Proverbs, dig into your heart and life, feel some “pricks”, and seek hope in Jesus. Christian Outstanding! Nielson does a tremendous job opening up the book of Proverbs as literature, as a practical guide, as spiritual riches, and above all as the living Word of God.

I used this for my personal study, and would highly recommend it for that use or for small group study. Don't be deceived by the apparent simplicity of some of the questions... it all comes together richly and beautifully by the end. You will come away with a much greater understanding of and appreciation for the Lord's purpose for Proverbs. Christian Wow! Proverbs makes so much more sense now. This study groups verses by theme which helped me understand some of the big points God speaks to us through Proverbs. Before I was always kind of lost in the seeming random-ness. Christian I absolutely loved this book! Kathleen has a wonderful way of bringing literature of the Bible to life. This thematic study of Proverbs is so rich, yet so practical. I highly recommend it for personal study or for small group discussion. Christian


This study guide is fantastic! It has helped me to see the book of Proverbs in a fresh way. I love books that have the potential to change lives, and this is decidedly one of those. I HIGHLY recommend it. Christian Excellent Bible study that is based on the Word of God, not stories or personal experiences. I would recommend this to anyone!! Christian