Protecting Sara (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) By Lorelei Confer

Summary Protecting Sara (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)

A great read from the start.

A new author within the operation alpha world and it didn't disappoint. Sara is living on the edge after escaping an abusive marriage that left her for dead. Three years later and she feels like she is being watched. Jake is a former Seal and his whole life changed when an explosion rips through a nearby apartment. Jake steels himself to protect Sara and Sara is running for her life. With her ex still in prison and an imposter looking like she brother, who is the mystery man who wants to kill her. A great set of characters. Loved Sara and Jake. Kindle Edition Panther and Sara

This is a fast red . Sara is victim of domestic violence from her ex husband left for dead. She has been on hiding for 3 yrs always feeling like she was being followed or watched.
Panther aka Jake is an injured seal with his new shoulder he is unable to be a seal . He just moved into Neighborhood when Sara apartment blows up. He feels the need to protect her.
Now I enjoyed this book but there are a few thing that get confusing like how did they put a tracking device on his car why wouldn’t he have checked for it. Also fact like he acted like he didn’t know how they found them then said there was tracker. We never found out who had the drone and also why it took them so long try kill her when she talked to her brother 1 time week. Fact that her brother couldn’t get the money until he was old enough I found strange that they still trying kill her or him since she was divorced from Eddy they wouldn’t be able to get money either.
I also understand trauma works may ways ptsd but how did she trust stranger but not cops? She left with him. Didn’t remember her brother who she had only not seen for few yrs yet he was an adult when she last seen him. I get not knowing Albert he was friend but should have realized it was her brother. She also flipped from very afraid to Sudden brave able to ask questions even threatened the person to get information . Yet when Jake does it she has fear for him.
The story does have a HEA Kindle Edition It's hard to get anywhere in life when you're always looking over tour shoulder. No 9ne knows this better than Sara Nelson. Now her past seems to have caught up with her but thus time she has a secret weapon that comes in the form of a former Navy SEAL, Jake Emerson. He pulls her into his protection and then is determined to give her back her life. Only it quickly becomes apparent that neither one of them wants to let the other go. Lots of twists in this romantic suspense and even one or rwo.....hmmm, I didn't see that one coming. Kindle Edition This book was pretty good, it would have been a 5 star, but Sara seemed strange to me. Here she's being saved, telling him to turn down his radio or turn it off, in his own truck and they are not even a couple. She just didn't seem like a good fit for Panther. There's just a lot in this book that doesn't come together. There's some action and plenty of heat, but some areas of the book doesn't make since. HEA. Kindle Edition Just Don't

Most of the time, I would rather not leave a comment if I don't like a book; however, it's not a matter of me not liking this book. It's poorly written, and the plot has more holes than a donut shop on a Saturday morning. The dialog is forced and unbelievable. When the MC tells the bad guy to give him the gun. The bad guy responds with, But it's mine. At that moment, I thought for sure they were dealing with a person who was mentally challenged, but there were no other indications that he was. There were many parts of the story that just didn't make sense, and any editor worth their salt should know the difference between here and hear. I know many readers think it's mean to leave a bad review, but I really feel that other readers deserve a warning. Kindle Edition

Navy SEAL Jake Emerson, excels as a sniper until a bullet destroys his career. Left with a bionic shoulder and no clear future, he spends his days alone. But he’s forced back into action when the apartment building next to his explodes and he witnesses a female fleeing the scene.

Sara Nelson lives under an alias, in constant fear from threats to her life. But three years of frequent moves have her longing for a forever home, so she settles in North Carolina. After a year of normality, an unexpected threat forces her to trust a handsome stranger.

Jake’s attraction to Sara is immediate, but the sole thing on her mind is staying alive. He wants to protect her but can’t do it alone. Jake calls on his SEAL brothers to help him. But when their circle is penetrated, all hell breaks loose, and Jake must choose her life over his and the lives of his Team.
 Protecting Sara (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)


Protecting Sara

A good story about believable and likable characters. I have enjoyed reading this story and I look forward to reading more Kindle Edition Good read

Sara met Jake when she was sitting in her car. Her apartment had just been blown up and he came y and told her that he would take care of things and find out who wanted to kill her. Jake called Tex and Wolf and they went with a plan. Soon she and Jake were in a cabin and everyone was talking about which plan to use. Kindle Edition