Protecting Harper (Special Forces: Operation Alpha / Watchdog Protector #1) By Olivia Michaels

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Olivia Michaels is a new author for me, and she had me from the first page. The way she written the book is new to me in that she covered all the characters involved and still the focus on the main characters in the spotlight. I LOVED that!!!!
Now, I had to get her other books so that I can get to know her Watchdog team of guys and gals slot better❤❤
Olivia is an awesome writer and I will love to keep getting and reading her wonderful books❤ Olivia Michaels Read it.

Harper needed to get away from her ex and make sure that he didn't hurt anyone. If she can stay one step ahead and prove what he's done before he takes her down. Flint finds the woman he lost back in college. He needs to help her and keep her safe. God, he loves this woman but can or will she love him back? It's always fun book when you have Rex involved solving the impossible. Good book. Olivia Michaels Harper & Michael

Protecting Harper is the first book in the Watchdog Protector series by Olivia Michaels as part of Susan Stoker’s Special Forces world. Harper and Michael used to be a couple years ago. They meet up when interviewing for different jobs with Kyle and Arden. Kyle is running a branch of Watchdog Securities. Arden is running her Animal Therapy Centre. What I liked about this book was how much Tex and Melody Keegan were involved throughout the story. Their children had been left with Wolf and Caroline. One of the funny comments was Melody saying she was buying souvenirs to take back to bribe Wolf and Caroline to give back their children. Which is another way of saying they were comfortable leaving their children in their care as they would be well taken care of. Plus the children enjoyed staying there. Trigger Warnings: Rough divorce where Harper was disadvantaged financially and emotionally by her almost ex husband. Olivia Michaels Protecting Harper: Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Watchdog Protector Book 1 is by Olivia Michaels. This is the first book by a new author for me. I found her book to be quite interesting and easy to read and relate to.
Kyle McGuire and his fiancée Arden Volker live on her ranch in Colorado. Kyle is starting Watchdog Protectors on the ranch along with a dog training school. He is working alongside Arden with her animals and her helping in the training area. He has hired his friend Flint to come out and help with both the ranch and as computer expert for the company. He is due today as is Ted Keegan, the guru of computers. Ted helps a number of operations like Kyles in their investigations. He and his wife are due at the ranch for a vacation and for Ted to meet Flint as they will be working together for a while. Arden’s friend Harper is also coming for an interview to help with the dog training and to help Arden out. No one realizes that they will all be coming together to stop Harper’s soon-to-be ex-husband from harassing and even hurting Harper. It definitely starts Kyle’s new business off to a quick start.
Olivia Michaels Good read

Flint knew Harper from college. They had been room mates and lovers. They hadn't seen each other for 10 years but one look an they knew they were still in love. Harper was trying to divorce her husband, but he was trying to gas light her. Flint could tell it was getting to Harper, but he was trying to help her. Olivia Michaels

Michael “Flint” Gray is a Navy SEAL forced into retirement by a personal secret that could shorten his life and trap him in a nightmare. A former teammate gives Flint a new lease on life when he offers Flint a job in Colorado with Watchdog Protectors, a security company with its own secrets. Flint has the chance to meet and learn from Tex Keegan for a week while the computer genius and his wife Melody are visiting—Tex for work and Melody for a much-deserved vacation. Flint is no stranger to Colorado. It’s where he met, loved, and lost the woman of his dreams ten years ago.

Harper Marling knows she’s a dead woman walking. Her charming narcissist ex-husband has done his best to ruin her life from the minute she reached for freedom. Now, she’s on the cusp of taking down the powerful multi-millionaire and reclaiming her life, if she can keep her plans a secret. Blackballed from her job as a medical researcher, Harper’s just taken a temporary job with Watchdog Protectors when she runs into the man who broke her heart a decade ago. Harper isn't sure if she’s ready to love again, but Flint gives her a reason to try as he stirs a slumbering passion deep inside her.

James isn't done trying to destroy Harper. If he can't have her, no one can, let alone a retired SEAL-turned-bodyguard. Can Harper trust Flint, Tex, and Watchdog Protectors to have her six? Or will James’ deadly game of cat-and-mouse end Harper’s life—in service to a darker purpose?

Protecting Harper is the first book in the Watchdog Protectors Series which branches off from the Watchdog Security Series by Olivia Michaels. Each book can be read as a standalone with an HEA but they do have reoccurring characters. Protecting Harper (Special Forces: Operation Alpha / Watchdog Protector #1)

I thoroughly enjoyed Protecting Harper, so much so that I'm planning on reading all of the Watchdog Security series before I move onto Protecting Brianna. I loved all the cast of characters and was especially pleased the Tex Keegan played a prominent role in this story. Michael Flint Gray gets a second chance to right a wrong with the only woman he's ever loved, Harper Marling. He messed up big time ten years ago so he's got lots of atoning to do. He has a huge secret though and once she learns it may be too little, too late. Harper's in the middle of a very contentious divorce and her soon to be ex is a controlling, maniacal egomaniac who's definitely not on the up and up. She knows it but now has to prove it. Finally trusting that Flint, Tex and the Watchdog Protectors have her back, they all work together to take down and free her from her ex. Meanwhile, Flint and she rekindle their love, reveal their secrets and look forward to a future. Olivia Michaels Good read

I really enjoyed this book, enough that I'm now planning to go and buy Watchdog Security books. This story has it all ! Olivia Michaels Direct hit. Straight to his heart.

What do you do when the one that got away stumbles back into your life and needs help? If you are Flint you drop everything and she becomes the new mission of course!
It's a little heartbreaking that outside forces ripped Flint and Harper apart ten years ago, but they did need that time to grow and find this their second chance at first love? Or will the psychopath with his sights on Harper kill them both? If they survive him will Flint's biggest fear be realised and rob them of the future they dream of?
Harper has learned the hard way that her ex will never let her go, not content with destroying her physically or professionally, he is now out to destroy her mentally too! Gas lighting her, tracking her and setting her up to take the fall for his crimes.....this book will send chills down your spine at the lengths he will go to to destroy Harper, thank goodness for Flint, Kyle and of course Tex and Gina! I love that this spin off has some crossover and has characters we already know and love. This is a dramatic start to the series and leaves you eager for more from the team.
I read this on Kindle Unlimited. Olivia Michaels Excellent Fast-Paced Suspenseful Romance

I honestly dk where to begin, except read it. It truly is phenomenal with more secrets, twists, hotness, and love.
A second chance romance fitting so well into this spin-off series, located in Colorado. Harper's X is a meniacal egomaniac, and that's putting it mildly. He's pure evil and she's got something on him. He's out to stop her with or without collateral damage. What she doesn't know is, where she's boarded her horse for years has turned into a compound with many different hats. Enter Michael or call name Flint, a blast from her past who never really got over her--whole other story here too, and included!
This is a crazy, fast-paced roller coaster of a journey. Page-turning action, excitement, mystery, futuristic control (maybe not so future to it), and heat. Emotions run the gamut.
A stand alone for sure, but I think all the rest of Ms. Michaels's reads are just as strong as Protecting Harper, with a few Cameos included as well. Olivia Michaels Former college sweethearts Michael Flint Gray and Harper Marling were in love once upon a time, but hadn't seen each other for years when they reconnect at the offices of Watchdog Protectors. Her soon-to-be-ex-husband is out to kill her, and blame her for his crimes, and has the futuristic tech to do it -- but he doesn't count on Harper having Watchdog Protectors, including Flint, on her side.

This is a very good romantic suspense novel, with a good balance between the romance and the action of the plot. The characters are interesting, and Susan Stoker's Tex is used in a great way (since Harper's husband is using advanced computer technology, he's an appropriate character to include). The plot is a little unrealistic, but still a lot of fun. Olivia Michaels is one of the best writers in the Operation Alpha world. Olivia Michaels


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