Proof of Love By Chisa Hutchinson


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Parsing the evidence at a marital crossroads.

In a provocative theater piece conceived especially for audio, Brenda Pressley plays Constance Daley, a loyal and cultured wife who faces uncomfortable truths in her marriage after a tragic accident. As her husband lies unresponsive in a hospital bed, Constance delivers a stirring and often explosive monologue that touches on fundamental issues of race, class, love, and fidelity—exploring how, as Constance puts it, there is, in fact, more than one way to be black. Playwright Chisa Hutchinson is a member of the first class of talent supported by the Audible Playwrights Fund. Proof of Love

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Here are two people, from different backgrounds, drawn together by love. A terrible accident occurs and causes one of them to review things about themselves, their marriage, & their issues.

The main character, Clarissa, shows us the multiple sides you go through when facing a situation and you get blindsided. You can feel the emotion flowing throughout the story. The storyline is real and so are the multiple questions that formulate within the story.

I took a dislike to Clarissa because of her condescending attitude towards people who were not given the same advantages that she had. Her own daughter has a distaste towards her mother. At the end, I kind of changed my opinion. Audible Audio This audible original play written by Chisa Hutchison is powerfully crafted. It’s a great artistic piece.

Now on to the story. The first half of this made me laugh so hard and snap my fingers in “wooo, yesss” resonance. I loved that first half. The wife was aware, snazzy, strong, and full of esteem.

The second half falls into the typical Black woman model of self-recrimination, blanket forgiveness, self doubt, and acceptance. I did not enjoy seeing the wife take responsibility for her husband and his issues and her daughter and her issues.

Can we stop being mules?! Can Black authors stop romanticising poverty, the ghetto, poor speech, and philandering Black men? There isn’t growth in doing so. The self-flagellation is a complete turn off.

The wife’s mistake was trying to raise someone up. I wish she’d realised that. She married someone who wasn’t a fit. What transpired was just the manifestation of such.

I have much more to say, but I’ll still accord that stars for the artistry that is this audible and for the first, hilarious half of this one-woman play.

Also, the narrator, Brenda Pressely, is amazing! Audible Audio This Audible Original book was presented as a monologue from the perspective of a loyal wife whose husband is in the hospital, unconscious, following a car accident. She ends up uncovering some infidelity and the book follows how she approaches and deals with the situation. Very concise and brief, but entirely engaging. Definitely worth the one hour it takes to get through it! Audible Audio 3.5 stars

An Audible selection for the month of July and just 1hr 6mins in length,Brenda Pressley performs this one woman monologue with a beautiful amount of emotional pitch. Constance weaves the tale of her courtship, marriage, and the startling revelation that her husband was less than perfect. It was a good listen.

Goodreads review published 27/07/19 Audible Audio A riveting one-person audio play. Audible Audio

There is no love, only proof of love.

Proof of Love is a quick listen monologue, only 1 hour and 6 minutes in length. I wasn't sure what I was going to get with this audiobook but decided to check it out anyway. I think it was a free Audible Original from a couple months ago. Anyway, once I started listening, I was captivated.

This was a powerful and moving piece about a woman who finds out her husband has been cheating on her the night he is in a terrible car accident. His phone keeps blowing up with messages as she is in the hospital with him and it ends up being his mistress that is messaging him. Her monologue goes on to explore their life together and life in general. There are some profound realizations and even some twists.

I think this is definitely worth the listen if you have the opportunity. The narrator is fantastic. She did a wonderful job acting this out. Her voices were great and her emotion perfect. I loved her performance.

The only thing that I wish was different is that I wish we could have heard more about what happens next. Even with such a short time spent listening, I felt very invested in these characters and what was happening. Overall, I am rating this as 4.5 stars. Audible Audio Awesome. I would love the opportunity to see this performance live. Audible Audio This is the first playwright from Audible’s Emerging Playwrights Fund to hit the stage, and although a quick listen at just over an hour, I really enjoyed it.

The play is about Constance Daily, a middle-aged black woman who is as close to being wasp while bleeding black as you can get, and how a tragic accident forces her to reevaluate her life and her marriage.

The author hits on many issues, but does so while making you smile and the narration by Brenda Pressley was absolute perfection. Audible Audio Now this is An American Marriage I can identify with that's authentic and real. This audio was performed well and the machine noise in the background was chilling. I din't want it to end.

Listen to this short audio and be engrossed for a little over an hour. Audible Audio It was interesting but it left the story completely unfulfilled. It’s definitely a short story. Well narrated and you definitely fall into it. Audible Audio