Problem Prospecting?!: Completely Eradicate Your Prospecting Troubles By Leading With Problems By

Love this! Several sales books are rather theory heavy. This isn't a criticism, there is gold to be found reading them you're just often left to your own devices to figure out what to do next, which can often be a time consuming process. Problem Prospecting is different. English There is genuinely no better book to read if your job is to prospect. A friend recommended me this book, just as I accepted my first proper sales role and I’m not sure I would’ve managed without it. From cold calling, to detaching from the outcome to writing the English I'm a solution architect, and not a salesman. And full disclosure I know the authors, from witnessing their professional excellence in past jobs where our paths have crossed. Mark is a connection on LinkedIn, and so I've been able to follow his LinkedIn antics English

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I’ve used it in my last 3 roles, completely different companies and different roles but each time it’s helped me get back into the swing of things and also focus on what to try and get across to my team. No fluff, just clearly labelled chapters full of English Having been in sales for 20 years now, my only regret is that I didn’t get hold of this book sooner! It takes some of the most basic principles and finely tunes them into creating perfect prospecting from calls to emails, voicemails to videos! It has genuinely English Problem Prospecting by Richard Smith is a must read for all sales professionals. I find myself regularly referring back to this book for helpful advice on how to effectively build a stronger sales pipeline. The chapters provide easy to follow instructions on sales English WellMark sadly I read two chapters and quickly realised i won't be getting my money back! Infact it's remarkable how easy to read your book is! From one red devil to another I salute you sir! I attended a two day trainee prospecting session, Mark English A really easy and insightful read. Every chapter is easy to consume and gives you loads of actionable tips and tricks to make sure you’re best prepared when prospecting in the modern world. Would recommend to anyone starting out in sales, and even to those that English