Prayers of Honoring By Pixie Lighthorse

Prayers of Honoring is the original book in Pixie Lighthorses prayer trilogy. It offers a way to connect to a power greater than ourselvesto the Source of Life As You Understand Iton our own terms and following our own intuition. With salt and with sweetness, Pixie guides us along gently through word offerings designed to heal, orient, and fortify. These prayers give sacredness back to everyone, no matter our orientation to the divine, and encourage us to develop a healing intimacy with the natural world.

Organized around the four directions, each direction symbolizes a season, an element, and a set of properties and potentials. The book has a circular structure that mirrors life itself, and that encourages us to return, over and over, as the seasons of our own life change, to find new wisdom and perspective.

Prayers of Honoring has traveled around the globe and fallen into the hands of many courageous and outspoken individuals and leaders. It has been assimilated into yoga teacher training curriculums and healing circles, read at workshops, demonstrations, and music festivals.

28 prayers, 7 for each cardinal direction.
Space to the left of each prayer to journal, collage, and draw
Journal prompts at the end of each section and space to write
Foreword by Annie Adamson, founder of Yoga Union
Prayers of Honoring

Pixie Lighthorse î 7 summary

I've been reading these with the change of seasons. Pixie has a unique way if phrasing words. Her prayers are beautifully written. They are a nice read especially after a hectic day. Prayers of Honoring Wonderful Prayers of Honoring All of Pixie Lighthorse’s book are worth reading, this one is no different. May you feel a deeper honoring for all of life after you have immersed yourself in her words. I recommend it highly. Prayers of Honoring APrayer for honoring Maturity?
I bought this book because I heard a prayer for honoring maturity in a yoga class but the copy of the book sent to me by has totally different content for the last two sections of the book than is listed in the table of contents and page numbers at the beginning. The book does not include the prayer for honoring maturity. Prayers of Honoring The prayers are easy to relate to and connect with and are an excellent way to get to know Pixie Lighthorse if you are just getting started with her. I love how they are divided into seasons, I find this makes them really special. I read and then I reflect on milestones, journeys, the passing of time and the passing of the seasons. It is a quick way to find some meaning at the start of the day, with my coffee in hand. Prayers of Honoring

I was looking for assistance in praying and Pixie has a beautiful way of doing this. My desire was to not do it in a religious like way and this book has helped me tremendously. Pixie has a gift with her words and I’m so glad she has shared her way of prayer with the world. This is powerfully spiritual and can be read again and again when seeking fresh perspective and inspiration. – My only criticism is the small font size chosen. Every prayer fits on one single page to the right, leaving the page to the left blank. So, it would’ve been just fine for me to have each prayer cover both the left and right pages to allow for a larger font size to be used. That’s just my personal observation and preference. Prayers of Honoring I love love love this book, and refer to it on a regular basis. Even though I have a read some of the prayers many times, they always seem to speak to me in a new and meaningful way. Pixie has such an incredible way with words. Her prayers are thought provoking and deeply touching. Her prayers have enabled me to deepen my connection to spirit, as well as with my own internal compass. Prayers of Honoring VOICE is also a beloved favorite. Thank you Pixie for showing up in this world in such a beautiful, loving, and healing way! xo Prayers of Honoring My deepest gratitude to the author for she put in words and allusions the architecture of my world inside out. Missing links got connected, arches built to carry weight, holes replaced by protective windows, still transparent to see through in and out.
My words may sound pathetic to some but for ones who heard and felt the sync like me, it is like one belief you can finally touch and read again and a again, like a part of resonance.
It is said you can’t step twice in the same river, but Greek philosopher stressed on the river that runs..Tixie Lighthorse see YOU as a golden spirit free to enter the cleaning river at your will and command and feel sacred not , not less, not measured.
Thousand thanks! Prayers of Honoring If you're looking for a place to start, to connect, to deepen. Start here. If you need daily practice or wisdom? Look here. Earth medicine? Here.
This is bold yet inviting work from Pixie, evocative, inspired, and full of deep wisdom. Prayers of Honoring I consider this book an absolute essential for my daily reading. Such a beautiful book of soulful, grounding prayers. Prayers of Honoring