Powers Behind Jfk Assassination By Randolph Polasek


Powers Behind JFK Assassination is a 6x9, 198 page book with dozens of pictures throughout with short, concise chapters perfect to be read in-part and returned to be finish at a later time. Historical in nature, educational by design, for anyone in high school and above to do a school report on; an ideal gift for your teenager to understand America's past & current currency system, today's falling economy and the devalueing American dollar. Also the creation of today's privately owned Federal Reserve Central Bank System as told by those that participated which reads like a spy novel, with their history of coruption, deception and violence against those challenging the owner's authority to keep control of America's currency sets a pattern. The author then pieces together photos, letters, quotations and accepted evidence of the Kennedy's Assassination to name three new characters at the top of the conspiracy that surprisingly had ties to one another for decades, as well as connections since World War II with those experienced in assassinations of powerful leaders worldwide. Surely a must read for anyone interested in JFK, 20th Century history or a clear understanding to how JFK's Assassination and those powers behind it, have directed America in a new direction to where we are today. It's already been said by readers alike, Powers Behind JFK Assassination will be handed down from one generation to another for decades to come to keep the truth of what really happen in the minds and hearts of those who really care. BE PLACED IN PRESIDENT KENNEDY'S POSITION, KNOW WHAT HE WAS GOING THROUGH AS WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING SURROUNDED HIM, WITHIN HIS ADMINISTRATION, AS HE KEPT THEM AT BAY WHILE KEEPING AMERICA FROM NUCLEAR WAR WHILE HE CHALLENGED THE AUTHORITY OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE'S OWNERS TO CONTINUE TO MANIPULATE AND CONTROL THE UNITED STATES CURRENCY SYSTEM! Powers Behind Jfk Assassination

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