Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy By Gwyneth Cravens


Not written in an overly technical language, easy to follow, and a most important topic if we're serious climate change and about reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. I highly recommend this book, to be followed by Hargrave's 'Thorium Energy Cheaper Than Coal'. 978-0307385871 This book is full of very technical information about the nuclear industry, and even though it was written than a decade ago, it's still very helpful for one's understanding of the risks and rewards of nuclear power generation. It was recommended reading, before undertaking a course at Elder College (Vancouver Island University), and it has really changed my opinion about nuclear energy, in regards to the Green Revolution and the transition to nuclear, from fossil fuel generation of electricity. 978-0307385871 I discovered this book by chance while working on an energy course. I will admit that I was anti nuclear but pro we have to do something about climate change. Gwyneth Cravens tided up all my half baked beliefs that I had collected over the years about atomic energy and waste.Most of what I thought about atomic energy came from the media, I would have to admit that I took all the information at face value and accepted that they were true or at least very close to the truth.Having read this book and using the great notes at the end to further my research, I have had to change a lot of what I believed about nuclear energy.A very well written book on a subject that tends to cause arguments based on black or white with very little gray. I have found that there are reasons for us to reconsider the facts about nuclear energy if we are really interested in climate change and want to save our world. 978-0307385871 Not an easy, but a very important, book to read. It gives us hope for the ways in which future needs can be met, safely and sensibly.I would encourage anyone who cares about our 'blue marble' this beautiful world we live in, to read it and reflect on their own response, and what they too would do to support the ideas. 978-0307385871 Die Rezensionen haben nicht zu viel versprochen. Inhaltlich eine Perle im literarischen Sumpf der Atomkraftliteratur und ganz offensichtlich um Faktoren professioneller als der umfassende Propagandamüll der Atomkraftgegner aus dem Lager der Grünen. 978-0307385871

An informed look at the myths and fears surrounding nuclear energy, and a practical, politically realistic solution to global warming and our energy needs. Faced by the world's oil shortages and curious about alternative energy sources, Gwyneth Cravens skeptically sets out to find the truth about nuclear energy. Her conclusion: it is a totally viable and practical solution to global warming. In the end, we see that if we are to care for subsequent generations, embracing nuclear energy is an ethical imperative. Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy

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