Power Conspiracy (Path of the Ranger #9) By Sarima

Power Conspiracy

Absolutely loved this book. Another great one to add to the series. The Turquoise People were a fun mix into the series. They were a wonderfully made up race of beautiful people in a fantastic land. Looking forward to the next book. 437 it gets better as it goes.... 437 Well now I've got to admit that I've so far read 9 books out of the series and I'm enjoying it immensely and have already pre-ordered Book #10 and it isn't scheduled to be released til the end of July. None the less this is one of the few series that I have ever pre-ordered.

I just hope that he keeps this series going as there is so much more to learn about Camu and his own powers as well as for where his and his friend's relationships and lives are headed. 437 Lasgol has to return the ‘Star of Sea and Life’ to the Emerald Queen to rescue Astrid, but the king’s brother, Duke Orten, steals it for himself from the Head Mage Eicewald. So Lasgol, Viggo & Igrid plan to secretly steal it back, return it to the Queen and get home before the king begins to suspects them.
Meanwhile, Gerd and Nilsa travel to the Ranger’s Camp to help Egil who’s found a possible cure for Camp Leader Dolbarar. But it requires a dangerous trip across the hostile Kingdom of Zangria to the Grand Library in the Kingdom of Erenal.

Footnote: 1) A ‘nod’ means yes. A ‘shake’ means no. So, if you’re telling someone you aren’t interested, you shake your head “no”.

Fave scenes: running aground, crossing the Zangria border, the Herb of Truth potion and Astrid’s arrival in the underground room.
437 Hey!

Man this book might be the one with the least yucky stuff in this whole series, other than book one and maybe book two. And this series has a lot of traitor stuff in it, Pedro must be obsessed. 437


Pensaba que no era posible, pues lo ha vuelto a hacer, me ha tenido pendiente de cada palabra, me ha encantado y odio esperar hasta el siguiente libro, una saga excitante 437 Treason and betrayal what else can happen. Love this series as they have so many great characters as well as the stories are very well written.

The dual missions of this book takes some story parts away as your focus is on multiple plots instead of the full story that I am used to from this author. Makes it a bit complicated.

Don't get me wrong this is well written and I love seeing all the characters as they are like seeing old friends again. What I find hard is the multiple story lines which to me it would have been a much better option to have these two very different stories as separate books.

The stories are very intricate and delicate and I think that in this one case that they missed the mark by combining both to one book. However I still love the stories and the characters I think they could have more flexibility had it been different books. 437 Es el libro que más me ha gustado de los que llevo leídos de la saga. Sé que ya lo he dicho en otras ocasiones pero es que se va superando 437 De los mejores libros de la saga, me encanta como narra dos hechos que suceden al mismo tiempo. El final cambia muchas cosas, me he encantado 437 On the Road Again

Warning; plot twists ahead!
No spoilers here.
This book is filled with action and suspense, and we finally get to see Egil on a mission of life and death; the camp leaders.
The team is split up; one half going to the island of the Turquoise Queen, to rescue Ingrid. The other going to find the cure for a blood disease that doesn't have a cure, unless Egil can perform a miracle and find one.
His brilliant mind is a weapon in and of itself, but he may not be looking for the right remedy.
Once again our heroic group will stop at nothing to get Ingrid back, and to save their beloved leader.
With the help of an old friend, great skill, and a little bit of luck, they just may make it back alive.
But will they make it back in time?
Read this terrific series and find out for yourself! 437

A conspiracy is in the making. Will the Snow Panthers be able to stop it and find the perpetrators?

Ingrid, Viggo and Lasgol are off to a rescue mission. What is supposed to be a straight forward task soon gets derailed and the friends find themselves in more trouble than they ever wanted.

Nilsa and Gerd travel to the Rangers Camp to help Egil. They will have to embark in a new adventure to try to find the truth behind the dark events surrounding them.

The Panthers will discover a power cons piracy and will have to confront it.

Will they rescue Astrid from the Turquoise Queen? Will the Panthers find out who is behind the conspiracy? Will they save the kingdom? Power Conspiracy (Path of the Ranger #9)

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