Pleasure U By Carole Hart

Wow wow wow. It was a pretty good book, but the language that you use disapointed me. It was very sexist I think 0451224132 Steamy! Everywhere, everyone, all the time! One afternoon quick read and they made me tired!!! Tried to coceptualize the reality of a U like this and do you really need lessons? 0451224132 I only got half way thru this book and put it down. I don't mind erotica in my reads, but this was nothing but pure porn to me. What I could gather of the characters wasn't very interesting at all and the secondary characters couldn't carry the storyline. I could probably finish this, but the porn was just too much for my tastes. 0451224132 This book disappointed me severely i had high hopes for it.

1)It's super confusing

2)Everyone is a slut with a jealous streak

3) No real plot she get dumped goes to a sex school sleeps with every moving thing and gets mad cause he sleeps around ......takes a job ......THE END waste of time. 0451224132 Delightfully naughty!! 0451224132

Carole Hart ↠ 5 Summary

Student participation is required at this institute of erotic learning…

In the hallowed halls of Pleasure U, students dress according to the curriculum, in outfits guaranteed to raise eyebrows—and libidos. The elaborately furnished classrooms are set up with one thing in mind: absolute decadence. And one student is about to discover how far she’ll go to make the grade…

Getting dumped by her fiancé, who was sleeping with a stripper, does nothing for Lila’s confidence— in or out of bed. So she embarks on a year of in-depth study at the Babylona Institute, where classes explore every facet of sensuality, and instructors are there to make sure you play well alone—and with others. At first overwhelmed, Lila soon finds herself discovering her true potential in hands-on courses covering arousal, exhibitionism, and orgies. But it’s the guidance of her sexy advisor, Ben, that brings Lila extra credit—and a higher education in what really counts. Pleasure U

This is the first book I've read in the Erotica genre. I have to say that as an introduction to a genre I had never read before, this book was a good one.

We are introduced to Lila who is attending a special school for those interested in going into the sex industry. The reason she is attending this school? Her fiancee just dumped her claiming she was too boring in bed and she wanted to change that.

Of course, such a college wouldn't let anyone start classes without letting them know exactly what they are getting into. All incoming freshmen are supposed to attend an advising session before starting classes in order to decide if this is meant for them. It is here that Lila meets the very irresistible Ben. There is just one problem: Staff aren't allowed to fraternize with the students. Ben is a firm believer in the rules...until he meets Lila.

Now, there is a lot of sex in this book, more than I really anticipated. Not only is it slightly graphic, it is written well so not only do we see the sex, we can feel the emotions as well.

The reason this book is a 3 out of 5? I have some problems with it.

The first problem I have is Lila. She is introduced as a good girl. Tad, her fiancee, is the only man she has ever been with and while she may fantasize about other men, she would never do anything about it. However, the minute that Tad breaks up with her she is off to sleep with loads of other guys and start a career in sex. To me, this isn't very realistic.

Another problem I have is Lila's relationship with Ben. Their entire relationship is based on sex and they want to try and make it in the long run. Perhaps I've read too many romance novels, but I feel like another connection is needed rather than just sex.

The last major problem I have is once again, with Lila. As the story progresses she seems to get more comfortable with her sexuality and sensuality, but there are moments, even in the later chapters, where that shy girl from the start comes back out. It's like she is continuously taking two steps forwards and one step back. It is really annoying. You think this character has become a strong sexual being and then she acts like the same girl she was at the very start of the story. It gets really annoying and slightly mind-boggling.

Other than that the story was good. Lots of sex and interesting back story on characters. I really enjoyed it. 0451224132 This book is erotica, so if that's not your thing, stop reading.

This book is hedonistic, sex-positive, and indulgent. There's no safe sex at all, and no mention of birth control, which irritated me, but other than that, it was good. The setting is East-coast contemporary USA at a college for the sex industry. This book has every imaginable combination of group sex, lots of exhibitionism, open relationships, and a whole lot more.

0451224132 Rating: 2.5 / 5

It took me forever to finish this book. Sure, it's got some a ton of super hot, kinky sex, but that's pretty much all there is to the book. There is a bit of romance, but it was a really weird one, and then ending just didn't have an HEA vibe. I couldn't get into the romance aspect.

The book is centered on the Babylona Institute - a school for sex professionals. People who go there want to do something sex-related with their lives (porn, escorts, etc) or to just learn. Lila is a young woman who just went through a horrible break-up with her high school sweetheart and decides to go to the school because of some desires she's had and stifled in the past. Her first day there, she has a close encounter with her student advisor, Ben. After that she digs in to the school, engaging various and numerous sexual escapades. But she still thinks about Ben. However, despite her romantic feelings, she loves the school and wants to get involved in the new TV channel the Institute is starting. She wants it all but is there a way to have it?

Pleasure U is pretty much pure fantasy with no reference in reality. Take the fact that the author never once brings up the issue of safe sex. Which is just wrong considering all the multiple-partner-stranger sex that goes on. They all screw around like there's no such thing as STDs or pregnancy. There was something rather icky about that. And it was something that could have fairly easily been dealt with - like saying they had to undergo testing before entering, go on mandatory birth control, etc. But there was nothing. Which annoyed me a bit.

Otherwise...yeah, there was A LOT of hot voyeuristic/exhibitionist orgy sex BUT it got old. At least for me. Because honestly? The sex didn't have much variety to it - in my opinion. Just a bunch of random free-for-all sex that after reading half the book started to seem the same. I got bored and read only a chapter at a time. Which is why it took me so long to finish.

And the romance...I guess you could say there was one. But it didn't give me any fuzzy happy feelings. It was just bizarre. And in the end, you're not left feeling like they're going to be able to work things out.

So bottomline?...don't read this for the romance. It's an erotica book about sexual freedom, I guess you could say.

Sexual themes: voyeurism, exhibitionism, group sex, F/F, stranger sex, toys, anal, video...and a bunch of other stuff. 0451224132 Reviewed for

I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good erotica book. I think erotica is my favorite genre… even over Paranormal Romance, and that’s saying something! Pleasure U by Carole Hart only solidified my love for erotica even more! It took me into a world of uncomplicated, no-rules sex. Most of what happens in this book is not something that would really happen in most college campuses in the U.S. today (I think), but it was sure fun to pretend for a while anyway…

Lila had been in love with Tad since she was 15. They met in high school, and immediately seemed to be the perfect couple. Lila was clearly the most beautiful girl at school, and Tad was the most handsome. They had their first sexual experience together, and although Lila considered herself shy, she was willing to try anything for Tad. In fact, she prided herself on being open-minded and willing. After years of dating and graduating high school, Lila and Tad decide to get married. It seemed the natural thing to do after dating all these years, and Lila was hopelessly in love with Tad. Everything changed one night when Tad and Lila were heading out to the beach to make love. She gets undressed and two strange men see her. She should be horrified, but instead she’s turned on! Tad seems disgusted by her behavior. Immediately he makes a confession. When he and his buddies went to New York for a trip, he slept with a stripper, and she was so much bolder and more experienced than Lila. He wants to break off the wedding so he can sleep with other people. Lila is crushed. She wants to be more sexually experienced, so she goes somewhere where she can learn… The Babylona Institute.

The Babylona institute is a college for people that want to have a career in the sex industry. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean prostitutes, it means people that want to be in the industry. Adult film stars and producers, along with sex counselors etc. When Lila first gets there, she almost chickens out, until she meets her student advisor Ben. He is so handsome and kind, they have an immediate attraction to one another. This first meeting turns into something more when they sleep together in his office. She finds out soon after that faculty cannot sleep with students! She and Ben try to avoid each other on campus, and Lila throws herself into her “studies”… studies that include sex 101, exhibitionism, orgies, and lots of other really fun classes where students get a lot of “practical” lessons. Lila meets a lot of really great friends, learns a lot about herself emotionally and sexually, and really becomes an adult.

Lila decides that she wants to go into the adult film industry with Babylona herself (the founder of the school) and knows that she could be very successful. However Ben can’t imagine sharing her with anyone else. She needs to convince Ben that he is the only one that matters in her heart, and she loves him. Can Ben still be a part of her life even though she’ll have to sleep with other people?

Pleasure U is not a realistic book in any way, shape or form. Its pure fun and sexual abandon! If you want to escape from the real world, and all of the preconceived notions about sex, read this book. Carole Hart really does a great job of delivering this unconventional love story while still including an empowering message of: Love yourself for who you are. I really enjoyed this foray into the world of sex-ed.

0451224132 Lila already had her whole life planned out. She was going to marry her highschool sweetheart Tad and have the perfect life. Except, Tad tells Lila that he doesn't want her anymore. Lila enrolls at Babylona, a school where Pleasure is the number one rule.

This is one hot steamy book. Pleasure U is my first book by Carole Hart but I will be checking out more. 0451224132