Playing for Keeps (Playing with Hearts, #3) By Ellie Isaacson

Oh, Vinny & Jen. This was a sweet second chance romance. From the beginning, you could feel the chemistry & pull of these two. Vinny loves hard & once he fell for Jen he was a goner. This started out as a sweet all consuming romance & quickly turned into heartbreak. When Jen breaks up with Vinny, my mind is reeling. Why, Jen, why?! These two are definitely from different worlds & that plays into this story a lot. Both have tender hearts & insecurities. As the story progresses these two have “moved on” with their lives, but really as only a shell of the person they were before. They are both still in love with each other. Just like the last book, there’s some sketchy stuff going on & the mystery behind it starts to unfold as these two reconnect & admit their feelings. I really enjoy Ellie’s writing style. She captivates me & holds my attention until the end. I highly recommend this entire series!

I received an arc & this is my honest opinion. Ellie Isaacson This second chance romance will have you feeling all the feels. My heart just hurt so many times for these two. I found myself cheering them on and willing them to make things work! Ellie Isaacson I really enjoyed Vinny and Jen’s story and how they got a second chance and there were definitely some twists in the story that made the story even better to read. I will say I was super annoyed with Jen for the longest time, I was kinda yelling in my head at her lol. Ellie Isaacson Playing for Keeps is the second chance romance featuring Vinny and Jen. From the moment the two met there was an instant connection between them. You could tell that the two are made for each other. The separation was heartbreaking.

The emotions. Ugh. I loved how it all came together. Vinny, gah, I loved his character so much and Jen, I was kinda annoyed at her character. However, these two fought hard for their HEA and the unexpected twist that came out of nowhere was amazing!

This book was a page turner full of suspense, emotions, drama, and love. I thoroughly enjoyed this second chance romance!

Rating: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ellie Isaacson He’s playing for keeps😍

I have to say this is by far my most favourite couple of this series and definitely answers a few questions surrounding Vinny that I know some of us had from the previous book❣️That said it was also good to discover what actually happened between Vinny and Jen and why they broke up….but the author takes us on an adventure with this story and I have to say was completely unexpected but it was an interesting twist😳

I hope we find out more about Levi and I absolutely loved the ending😁 I received an advanced copy and willingly leave my honest review❤️ Ellie Isaacson


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Life with Vinny Leonetti gave me opportunities I’d never even imagined. Private jet trips across the country on a whim, dining at expensive restaurants, and island vacations where we soaked up the sun. But all that money also brought me danger and heartbreak.

It all became too much. I walked away from that life and my chance at an all-consuming love.

Though I was intent on making it on my own, not a day went by that he wasn’t on my mind. And when life brought me back to the city it all began in, the danger found me before he did.

As I tried to make my way back to him, the threats came at me from every side. Was my love for him strong enough to save me? And if so, would he give me a second chance? Playing for Keeps (Playing with Hearts, #3)

Wasn’t expecting that twist. Great book to read if suffering from insomnia! I actually started this book at 11:30pm and finished by 4am....yes it was a rough next day but dang, was it worth it!

I was so excited to see Vinny’s story that I couldn’t go to sleep now!! When he finally finds the love of his life, she can’t handle his life and walks out on him. Now that she’s back, he will do whatever it takes to win back her heart.

Jen walked away from the love of her life. At the time she thought it was for the best but now that she’s back in his city, his building and part of his family’s wedding, she can’t help but hope, hope for more.

Vinny is the broody, quiet, alpha type that is smart and rich. Jen is the drop dead gorgeous girl next door. The chemistry between them is electric and all-consuming. When they were on the cusp of their HEA, you get a little twist thrown in but don’t worry, no cliffhanger and it does end with their happily ever after!! Ellie Isaacson A great book of a second chance at love.
This is Vinny’s story.
The minute Vinny sees Jen in his heart he knows she is the one for him.
And Jen feels an immediate connection with him.
They are hot together and I could feel their bond.
Until suddenly Jen walks away.
Leaving Vinny shattered and herself as well.
Due to circumstances Jen finds herself back in Vinny’s stumping grounds.
Their HEA is hard fought.
This book was definitely a page turner.
Filled with suspense, drama and passion.
I loved reading their story and how they fought for their love.
And a twist I certainly didn’t see coming.

Ellie Isaacson I loved this second chance story for Vinny and Jen!

The first chapter of this story was HOT. Ellie is a master with words and this one started out with heat and passion. After time apart these two are both deeply in love but the universe and their egos are conspiring to keep them apart. The story and plot were unique and the side characters and former series favorites brought so much extra to their journey.

I love that Jen finally came into her own and was there for Vinny when he absolutely needed her. They were playing for keeps and and it all fell into place exactly as it was supposed to. This up and down journey to HEA was a special one. Ellie Isaacson Vinny and Jen!!! Yay, they get a second chance. My heart broke for these two, they were no longer together but still so in love with one another. You could feel their emotions towards one another on every page.
I would've loved to have more personal interaction between Vinny and Jen, but they are always mentioned in the background with other characters, and it really did make it a tense page-turner wanting to know if things would work out. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when they finally fought for their love, but Holy Moly that is when the thrilling ride really began. Love having more Corey & Frankie and Mitch & Viv in this book. I love all the characters in this series! The new ones always make me think oh.. he will be good with her or Oh.. I wonder if they are bad. Playing for keeps is so good. Lots of passion, action, and suspense, and I am left so intrigued to need more of this series. Ellie Isaacson So happy to finally read Vince and Jen's story! These two are meant to be and I am finally glad that they found their way back to each other.

Vince and Jen had a whirlwind romance and both were madly in love, but then Jen ended things when she thought she couldn't live in his world. This story picks up a year later with Jen back in Vince's town and Vince trying to win back Jen secretly.

I wish that Jen and Vince got back together sooner in the story. You have to read about both of them sorta having other relationships even though they both miss each other terribly and wish they were back together. If only Jen had picked up the phone sooner! Once they got back together, I could not put this story down. These two are perfect for each other, and they cannot keep their hands off of each other. Vince is very understanding and will do anything for Jen.

Did not see that twist coming!! Ellie Isaacson