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🎁 FREE on Amazon today (8/9/2022)! 🎁 95 3.5 stars 95 Keya is taking care of her grandmother's honey business while her grandmother takes a long-awaited vacation. Rhett, a billionaire CEO, comes knocking on her door, thinking she's a hotel, when his car breaks down in the desert. Keya goes along with his assumption. Both are attracted, but figure this will not go anywhere. How little they know. Rhett introduces Keya to spanking. She likes it. She wants to do more with Rhett. His car is fixed, and he can now leave. Keya has a hard time letting go. Rhett goes down the road. Will he continue on his journey?

I liked this story. I liked Keya and Rhett a lot. I liked that their thoughts were on the same lines. I liked how free they were with each other. Keya had a sunny personality. Rhett was more of a grump. I loved the last two chapters best. I liked also that we got both points of view.

Looking forward to reading more of Cassie Mint. 95 This was completely a me thing: I know someone with the exact same name and description as the h- and it was so eerily similar (personality aside 💀), that it psyched me out so bad I can't 😭.

I'm annoyed because I've been wanting to read a longer novella by CM for a while. Nevertheless, this was still enjoyable, with a questionable yet enjoyable storyline. 95 This was a sweet and steamy age gap story with a sweet HEA and absolutely no drama 😍😍😍 Rhett is a billionaire that made road trip by himself through the desert.... what could go wrong 🤣 Keya is a beekeeper that lives in the desert. They met and sparks flew. The hot older man and his innocent younger woman🥰🥰 Insta love, sweet, steamy,safe and romantic with a sweet HEA😍😍😍😍 95


3.75 🌟.

Safe and recommended. 95 Okay.... This was so good you guys. I loved every single page of this book. It was short, it was fun, it was everything I needed right now.

What you get:
✅ Age Gap
✅ Grumpy/Sunshine
✅ Virgin heroine
✅ Billionaire hero
✅ OTT alphaness

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95 Virgin h
Age gap
h was beekeper and maintained her grandma bee farm, H was stranded workaholic billionaire
No cheating
Dual PoV, 1st person
No drama/angst
Safe read, HEA, epilogue
Overall score: 3 OTT instalove stars 95 2.5 stars
This was fine, but I didn't totally feel the H & h's chemistry. It was also very random and had no relevance to the story that the H was a billionaire. Personally I would've preferred some wandering, rough biker man or something haha would've made more sense for the direction the novella goes.

*And spoilers*
Because it's totally insane that he would, after two days, decide to give up his company and live in the middle of nowhere at a rundown bee keepers house 🧐 like come on...Keya could definitely move. But whatevs. 95 I did not expect this one to be so freaking ADORABLE, TENDER and HOT at the same time. I really liked the atmosphere, a bee farm in the middle of nowhere, just heat, dust and silence, sun-baked wind, purple-tinged sky and mountains looming in the distance, a young lonely woman barefoot and dressed in skimpy cotton shorts with a goat pet and impeccably dressed, stern and stoic older billionaire, a lost soul knocking on her door in this wilderness... There was just something in the writing style that worked for me so well and I simply loved it!

I'm rating it against others insta novellas I've read. 95

This grumpy billionaire has mistaken my house for a hotel.

But hey, who am I to correct him?

It’s been a slow season. My honey has barely sold, and the bills are piling up. How hard can it be to take care of a guest?

I just need to feed him. Clean his room and keep up the ruse until his fancy car is fixed and he can drive into the sunset.

My guest is difficult, though. He’s stern, impossible to please, and distractingly handsome. Worst of all, he’s starting to suspect.

A few more days. That’s all I need to last.

A few more days in his good graces—and out of his bed.

Pit Stop is a short and steamy instalove rom com, starring a grumpy billionaire and the plucky beekeeper trying her luck.

Pit Stop