Pirates for a Day By Lance Carney

Winter in Chicago has been particularly brutal this year and it’s only March. An unlikely band of wannabe Buccaneer misfits decide to exchange cabin fever for beach fever and head south. What follows is a comedic quest for warmth, comradery, Spiritus Fermenti and self. A short story by David Moss and Lance Carney.
About the Authors
Lance Carney is a dedicated professional, family man, civic leader and sophisticated Man About Town. David Moss is a knobby-kneed, ferret-faced hermit.

REBUTTAL: The truth is that David is a creative genius—a truly brilliant word master. Lance is a snaggle-toothed, droning simpleton
Pirates for a Day

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Pirates for a Day by Lance Carney, David Moss
Enjoyed this short read about a bunch of guys after work, in spring and weather is still like winter.
They head off to another buddys place where it's warmer and I love the adventure of the things they do along the way and at the destination
which turns out for some to not be the final destination.

16 Fun adventure of buddies on a road trip to escape the Chicago cold. 16