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This Phantom of the Opera retelling or however you want to phrase it is a dark and twisted romance, bringing to the full experience of Kelly Creaghs outstanding and unique writing! It’s dry and witty humor is a delight, the romance as dark and paranormal as it can get and its world building as wondersome as her Never Triology (wich I can only recommend at that point!) Kelly Creagh became one of my favorite authors when I read Never and I just bought this one without reading the caption, her name was enough. Let me tell you, this book is art. It’s creepy, dark, tragic and the romance! THE ROMANCE! Heartbraking, as twisted as one of the main character and woven through all of it is not only the equally dark reference to the phantom of the opera but also a beautiful tale thatll make your heart sing and your feelings turn to soft and heartfelt music! Melodrama meets paranormal fiction and I am in LOVE! Phantom Heart A fun retelling of a classic. If you like a paranormal romance you will like this book! Phantom Heart This book was a highly anticipated release for me a retelling of The Phantom of The Opera The Phantom Heart is beautifully written lovely pacing throughout it will break you then put you together again you will find yourself caring for the characters and some of the masks not all of them though (read to find out why) I was so glad I bought this book it's easily my favorite book of the year I really could not recommend this book enough there are to many words to describe how amazing this book is but I gave it a go I hope people read this book because it is amazing. Well done Kelly creagh this is a cracking book Phantom Heart muy eficientes, rapidez y compromiso Phantom Heart This is one of my most anticipated books of 2021. I am a fan of her other books as well as anything to do with Phantom of the Opera. So when I heard she was doing Phantom Heart, I was ecstatic and didn't hesitate to pre order.This #POTO #retelling engulfed me right away. This book is for fans of Phantom of the Opera (obviously) stage and book, Supernatural, #paranormalinvestigation shows/books, and YA paranormal fiction just to name a few. On Goodreads, they lump it in with the likes of TwilightI beg to differ. Nothing against that series (I read and enjoyed it). But Phantom Heart kept me asking questions about the characters, motivations, and backstories. I was visualizing everything like a movie, which goes to show Creagh’s writing provides much to behold. If you’ve read her other works (the Never trilogy and Nickolas Claus: Ghosts of Christmas Past), you know the attention to detail to which Creagh pays.There were times I was reading and found myself mimicking mannerisms the characters were doing, holding my breath, definitely laughing, and most certainly crying. Creagh knows how to tug at the range of emotions in anything I’ve read by her, Phantom Heart definitely included.And though it’s inspired by #POTO, there are definite artistic liberties and deviations that make this a #thrilling and #original retelling. Phantom Heart