Parasite Rex (with a New Epilogue): Inside the Bizarre World of NaturesMost Dangerous Creatures By Zimmer

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IN THIS REISSUED PAPERBACK EDITION WITH A NEW EPILOGUE, CARL ZIMMER REVEALS THE POWER, DANGER, AND BEAUTY OF PARASITES. For centuries, parasites have lived in nightmares, horror stories, and the darkest shadows of science. In Parasite Rex, Carl Zimmer takes readers on a fantastic voyage into the secret universe of these extraordinary life formswhich are not only among the most highly evolved on Earth, but make up the majority of lifes diversity. Traveling from the steamy jungles of Costa Rica to the parasite riddled war zone of southern Sudan, Zimmer introduces an array of amazing creatures that invade their hosts, prey on them from within, and control their behavior. He also vividly describes parasites that can change DNA, rewire the brain, make men distrustful and women outgoing, and turn hosts into the living dead. This comprehensive, gracefully written book brings parasites out into the open and uncovers what they can teach us all about the most fundamental survival tactics in the universethe laws of Parasite Rex. Parasite Rex (with a New Epilogue): Inside the Bizarre World of NaturesMost Dangerous Creatures

I haven't actually finished this book yet, but it's a really good read if you like this sort of thing (I do). My only gripe was that the paper it's printed on is a bit thin and cheap feeling. Russian history In Parasite Rex, Carl Zimmer introduces us to the wonderful world of the parasite. Long overlooked as degenerate organisms, the author shows how the life cycles of parasites are finely honed to the lives of their hosts and intermediate organisms, how these organisms Russian history my 12 year old son and i were listening to an episode on this american life when we heard zimmer discuss parasites. my son is a typical (?) 12 year old who loves yucky things and he was enthralled by the plight of the parasite. i ordered this book for christmas thinking Russian history This purchase had a purpose towards a university assignment so I was not expecting to enjoy the content. As it turns out, it proved to be a fascinating read. With detailed knowledge and personal case studies, Carl Zimmer managed to convey the value and sophistication of Russian history Very interesting book, I am past the half way point and I am enjoying it and . It can be a bit boring at times, but get past those bits and you will get a much better insight as to the why's and how's (to get rid of : )) of this parasitic world living inside us. I Russian history

I wanted to learn about disturbing creatures that lived inside other animals, and boy did I. A fascinating insight into the world of parasitic fauna, and great if you're studying parasitology and need a bit of extra reading material. I got a first in my Host Parasite Russian history What a fascinating book with the shocking revelation that after all there is a point to parasites they are the drivers of evolution.. perhaps even the drivers for the origin of sex and , by the way, there are thousands and thousands parasite species than non Russian history Very interesting Russian history