PARANOIA Y1 Traitor Hangout By W.J. MacGuffin



In Alpha Complex, the future underground city ruled by an insane Computer, efficiency auditors from the Central Processing Unit enforce mandates, instructions for every aspect of life. Citizens call them Yellowpants -- not only because of their uniform, but because (rumor has it) in dangerous situations they sometimes have little accidents. In their pants.

Clarence-Y is a CPU Yellowpants in charge of enforcing mandates -- and he knows them ALL. By owning a secret pet, the mutant lab mouse Ignatius, Clarence has already broken 22 mandates. And it's not even lunch.

On assignment for Internal Security, Clarence must impersonate notorious criminal Superstar Pirate and infiltrate four secret societies in one day. Can he and Ignatius survive? Never mind that - can they possibly avoid violating Mandate ISTM 440.95/a?

Based on the classic satirical science fiction roleplaying game PARANOIA, originally published in (appropriately) 1984. PARANOIA Y1 Traitor Hangout