Orchid Growing Basics By Gustav Schoser


Somewhat dated, but good information. Not the best layout. 128 I had some specific questions regarding caring for the spent blooms on my orchids, couldn't find the answers within this book. The text does provide basic information on repotting and selecting plants to start your collection. 128 Ack. Basics not so much.

Complex orchid-growing for people much more involved with their orchids than picking one or two up at the supermarket and wondering how to keep them alive. 128

“Schoser gives advice on growing, repotting, propagation, fertilization, protection against parasites and diseases, crossbreeding, and general care. There’s information on the structure of orchid plants, what to look for when buying, and a list of plants that go well with orchids (mainly epiphytes such as bromelia). Schoser has written an informative and concise manual that is most
useful for beginners.”—Booklist.
Orchid Growing Basics

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