Opening Our Hearts to Men By Susan Jeffers


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Dr. Susan Jeffers, renowned workshop leader, lecturer, and author presents simple, concrete, and workable techniques to help you transform your life and begin attracting a healthy kind of love. Discover the four biggest barriers to love; a five-step program for dealing with anger; how to create a love that works, and much more. Opening Our Hearts to Men

„Not to worry,
Not to fret,
All is well,
But not just yet!“

Taking charge of our lives and creating a love that works - that’s what this book tries - the precious advice: rather use the mirror than a magnifying glas! Start there and see where this new way (of thinking, of perceiving, of choosing, of accepting or declining(!!) ) will lead you!! 9780449905135 about to start this for research on my novel in progress. I find this really intense way of looking at relationships can be helpful in looking at my characters' interactions in a more nuanced light... 9780449905135 Not only prepares us to be ready for the relationship to fall into our lap in God's time, but teaches us to be happy with or without a man. Helps us release many of the conditioned thoughts we've been taught/society has ingrained in our fabric and lets us love men as fellow human being, equal not only in the workplace, voting rights, etc., but also that they're human and have the exact same fears and insecurities we deal with. Affirmations are a MUST. So I also recommend Susan Jeffers, PhD, book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. Both this book and the aforementioned help us learn ways to be in perfect harmony with our Higher Being and Self. 9780449905135 Honestly, before starting reading this book, I had no idea how life changing it would be because I thought this is just one of those trendy books, but indeed, it is far from that: this book should be read by everyone, especially women of all ages.

The book starts with something we are already familiar with: the rage against men and failing relationships, hopelessness, lack of self esteem etc. When I got this book from women’s center, I was having feelings as such and the book surprised me. I can say it was almost a Mirror to my actions and my exact feelings though I kinda knew I had them, I never knew why I have them. The author successfully brings all women to an understanding of selves, which is surprisingly the source of problems. Indeed many problems occur when we lose confidence in our self and capabilities and that’s when we start expecting something magical happens and we usually expect it from our men. Building a strong self and avoiding dependency by investing in yourself is key to healthy relationships. This took me a while to realize that but relationships are not the center of who we are but just among the things we possess. We also have another independent life as women: friends, jobs, hobbies.. the list goes on and on. So the illusion that we are not enough is only created in our heads.

I also like how author deals with the society’s challenges such as women’s desire to be independent and strong but still secretly wanting to be taken care of by guys. This is not something we talk a lot with our female friends but it is a conversation that needs to change through time, effort, and women’s understanding of who they are and what they really want to be.

The great wisdom on the pages of this book is too much to be told here in this review page, but I encourage all women out there to read this book, and you might find an answer to some of your questions/problems.
9780449905135 Easy to read i gained important tools towards building healthy relationships and opening our hearts..
Recognition leads to transformation Susan Jeffers..
In the words of India Arie The only thing constant in the world is change.
This book is all about change and creating healthy loving relationships..IN-TO-ME-SEE - i liked this point about intimacy as well, when it comes to change in any shape way or form it starts with taking a look at ourselves and not wanting to change anyone else like the men in lives and replacing the negative thoughts or perceptions with positive affirmations..Becoming better by being more loving and staying true to our Higher selves..I believe in that what the world needs more of LOVE and more loving women sharing love in the world and especially to the men in our lives..