Only For A Moment (The McCormicks #2) By Elena Aitken

Jade grew up with a mother telling her she does not need a man. Mitch just wants to find a nice girl to settle down with. The sparks between Jade and Mitch are flying high, and everyone knows it. They have let love in and saw what happens. This is the second book in a great series. 236 Absolutely loved this, couldn't put it down. I like that this is another branch off the Cedar Springs township with different characters. I also like that there's only a slight crossover mentioning locations and characters from the other series. That being said, this can also be read as a stand alone book. To good characters that come together through passion and attraction. I enjoyed them navigating their way through their relationship to the big finale. Looking forward to the next in series... 236 06/21/20 currently free in The Gift of Love boxset
236 This is now my favorite book by Elena Aitken. I absolutely love Jade and Mitch's story. This a well written book with so many lovable characters. I started this book and couldn't stop until the end. If you're looking for a book with a strong, feisty woman and a hot, alpha man, then this is definitely a book for you. 236 I'm loving this series by Elena Aitken!
Jade Johnson has always had a plan and it didn't include men because they were nothing but trouble! That all changes with one steamy night she has with Mitch McCormick. He has changed what she thought she wanted out of life, but he's set on finding himself a nice town girl who is ready to settle down and worth changing his playboy ways for. Jade doesn't fit that requirement because she's not from town and her focus has always been about her career. How can two people who want such different things out of life find their way in this relationship?

I was given an ARC from the author/publisher. All conclusions are mine and mine alone. 236


Fantastic book. It was an instant attraction between Mitch and Jade.
But neither wanted to admit it. She was all business.
Mitch came back to Cedar Springs to meet his step sister, and spend time with his brother.

Jade came to Cedar Springs to get a show off the ground. Mitch McCormick was a distraction she
did not need. It was a summer festival when sparks flew between them.
They started spending time together, but agreed they would only be friends.
Well not so sure that was really working out.

See what happens when things take a twist.

Highly recommend.

Also book one: LOVE IN THE MOMENT 236 Jade's mother raised her to believe men and children will ruin her life. Just because she feels an immediate, and hot, connection with Mitch means nothing to her. That is what she keeps telling herself anyway. She conveniently forgets all the hurtful things she says to him. Mitch is great and decided to find the right woman to settle down with in Cedar Springs. If only Jade would listen to him. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. 236 What happens when a career first woman meets up with a playboy who has decided he needs to date the right girl & settle down? Lots of tender emotional scenes, misunderstandings & hot, intense chemistry! Jade Johnson is in Cedar Springs to oversee the project her client, Gwen, is involved in. From the moment she meets Mitch, they share an intense chemistry that will not let them ignore or stay away from the other. Jade feels men are nothing but trouble. Her mother has pushed the point that men & children interfere with your plans & career from the time Jade was old enough to remember. So why can't she stop thinking about Mitch?

Mitch McCormick is a teacher & a former player who had decided it's time to settle down. He's determined to find a nice girl, not his usual type. So why is her so attracted to a stiletto-wearing, designer bag-toting, full-fledged, first-class, high-maintenance city girl? She's not the type to settle down in a small town & raise a family, is she?

The characters of Mitch & Jade are wonderful! The emotions in the scenes leap off the page at you. Jade's sorrow & jealously are easy to sympathize with. Mitch's honest reaction to Jade' surprise was extremely realistic. To see him honestly grapple with his emotions & decisions & fight his way to a decision adds dimension to those scenes. By bringing in Ian & Gwen throughout the story, the reader is kept up on their story but it adds emotional depth to Mitch & Jade's, too. This book can easily be read as a stand alone but if you read Book 1, you have an added understanding of certain scenes. I loved this book & cant wait to see what the writer brings to One More Moment! 236 What a conundrum Mitch encounters in Only For a Moment by Elena Aitken as he tries to find the perfect partner to settle down. Shortly after he sees Jade Johnson, he knows he has to meet her. Jade is a city girl and doesn’t seem to be exactly the type of woman he wants for settling down, despite their chemistry and attraction. So Mitch takes local girl Evie, mother of a young boy he’s tutoring, on a date. She’s checks all his boxes except there’s no chemistry. Besides, his mind keeps wandering back to Jade. Mitch wonders if he can convince Jade of his feelings.

Jade Johnson was raised to believe that a man will hold her back from achieving her dreams. Yet, while temporarily living in the small town of Cedar Springs, Jade comes face to face with a man who sets her world on fire and immediately challenges her beliefs. Jade is unsure that she can let go of those lifelong beliefs, drilled into her by her mother, and allow herself to follow her heart.

I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down, reading it in one day. Ms. Aitken knows how to tell a wonderful story and makes me want to live in Cedar Springs. This was an intriguing and interesting story with very authentic characters. This is the second book in The McCormicks series, but each book is a standalone story. I am looking forward to the next book in this series and highly recommend this book to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
236 I was given this book in return for an honest review.

After finishing the first book in the series, I couldn't wait to see what happened between Jade and Mitch. Fireworks were going off between those two from the very first moment they met. I'm unapologetically loving how their story went. It had the same amazing emotions rolling around inside me. I laughed and cried. There are cameos from some of the town favorites. Summer is a'hopping. So much is going on. I could not be happier for the ending. Now, the scene has been set for book three, and it looks to be a doozie. Time to hold on. It's about to get bumpy, and I can't wait! 236

The series that readers are calling, touching, funny, sweet and gut-wrenching all mixed together. By USA Today Bestselling Author, Elena Aitken!

She’s sworn off relationships. He’s ready to find ‘the one’. The last thing either of them expected was each other.

As far as Jade Johnson is concerned, the only thing men have ever been good at is holding her back. But when work takes her to the small town of Cedar Springs to cast a hot new show, Jade comes face to face with a man who sets her world on fire and immediately challenges everything she’s ever believed.

Mitch McCormick is finally ready to put his playboy ways behind him and settle down, but the type of women he’s been dating are definitely not the marrying type. Which is exactly why he needs a nice girl. An easy going, sweet, small town girl...

The exact opposite of the feisty, sharp tongued talent agent he can’t get off his mind. Jade challenges him and excites him in a way he's never experienced. But Jade's made it clear that settling down isn't something she wants, not with him—not with anyone.
But when Jade makes a discovery that will turn her life upside down, it’s not only her own heart she needs to protect. Because whether she likes it or not, everything is about to change. Only For A Moment (The McCormicks #2)

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