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One of the best visual descriptions of war as it affects non combative citizens written with heart and compassion. Paperback Marie Colvin was a force. Whether by concentration of mind or body and many times both she went where the hotel residing, press release reading media correspondents do not venture.

There is a revealing line as she takes the enforced break from work after losing her eye from grenade shrapnel wounds whilst in Sri Lanka reporting on the Tamils, although reporters had been banned by the Government from doing so that speaks of her connection to the ordinary civilians caught up in the nightmare of warfare that flouts any hint of the Geneva convention.

She says,
Simply: there’s no way to cover war properly without risk. Covering a war means going into places torn by chaos, destruction, death and pain, and trying to bear witness to that. Not so much as to what kind of toys are being used – I’ve never been able to figure out if that is a MiG or a Tornado shooting at me, or 105mm or 155mm artillery. I care about the experience of those most directly affected by war, those asked to fight and those who are just trying to survive. end quote.

She took the risks and paid with her life but her words are there for history to read and as the book contains her journalism over many years, you can pick any era or event and step straight into the lives of those so greatly affected by decisions made from dictators, politicians and fanatics that create the asylum seekers, that we in the western world now see, attempting to survive on our streets. If you want to know about real war experience rather than thinking it's all some kind of video game, you'll do no better than to read this book. Paperback Although I haven't finished this book yet, I am looking forward to reading the rest it is an enthralling, informative read. Marie Colvin is a genuine journalist, worthy of the name, unlike many reporters in the mainstream media. She obviously put herself in dangerous situations to find out what was happening in various conflicts and she gives honest insights into what is happening and who is involved. She has revealed information that the regular newspapers and TV news did not tell us, for example that in the Iraq / Iran War both sides were sold weapons by the US.

Well worth reading. Paperback This is a collection of reports from Marie Colvin. The newest is about 6 years old but they still have a vibrancy and the ring of truth. The horror of war for the people who happen to be in the way is graphically described. Paperback I was expecting of a biography of the journalist. Instead, it's her reports from war zones around the world, with a little bit of overview on her life. Paperback


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The compelling, riveting story of the amazing late journalist/war correspondent Marie Colvin. She was fearless in her pursuit of the truth in whatever conflict she was covering, and put her life at risk repeatedly. She is a heroine. Her story is important. Paperback An insightful, troubling, challenging and sharp edged collection of reports and opinions from a woman who was there, literally, on the front lines. Her writing is excellent and her perspective, while personal, remains constant in its fact based reporting. Compelling reporting. Paperback As a combat veteran I was very impressed by the reportage of several world conflicts by someone with courage and heart. Paperback I have to say that this is, in many ways, quite an extraordinary book. In some ways, it is the tale of an extraordinary woman as well

At one level, the book is quite tiring, and the reason I say this is because it represents the tale of humanity at its best and at its worst.

When you sit in front of your television screen and listen to politicians and TV anchors debate, you are shielded from the true horrors of war.

This is what Marie Colvin brings to us, in a way. She is noncommittal in her writing style, no hysteria anywhere. She retains her essential humanity right through her career.

An essential read for anyone who wants to read about humanity at its best, and worst. Paperback On the Front Line

This book is super interesting. The journalist reports the war from the human side. Whoever has the reason is not important. It is the suffering, the feeling and the hopes of future what move the sides. It is easy to listen the side that has the power and the government, but what about the other side?

It exposed her to a risky situation trying to cover the both side of the story. She exposed the human horror of the war describing the effects of the war in the civilian population of woman and children.

In this book I cried the suffering of the people and specially the children. I relived the history in the events that affected the world in several decades the reported the conflict. I also laughed with the weird situations during the news covered.

The reading is good, active and vibrant in every chapter. It is j that a person is telling you the story from the first source.

It is a five stars book.

She is not partial, but see both side of the story. The abuse from one side to the other is painful and in some instance sadistic. There is no way to laugh when someone is being tortured.

The book of On The Front Line by Marie Calvin excellent. Her journalism is excellent and very descriptive from the human side. She loved to found the other side of the story and several times risked her life to achieve the interviews. Paperback