Oliver (Blaires World) By Anna Edwards

3.5 Stars
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Darkness is set within those that feed off it. Within those that live it 24/7, Welcome to Oliver. Anna Edwards did a good job at portraying his life; which is dark, deprived and depressing, and turned it into a HEA. But to get him to his light, he must wade through thick smoke and shadows, somewhere along the way there will be hardships… can he survive it?

Not my favorite out of the series/set, but one that was fast paced and good to escape reality in. At times my heart hurt for his tribulations and how he grew up, other times I didn’t know how this story was going to spin (way to go Edwards for keeping us readers on our toes). Amaya is a wonderful soul within the murky waters of Oliver. These two are perfectly paired which makes for a good pairing within the set of Blaire’s World.

***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

Oliver (Blaires World) I really enjoyed reading the novella's in the Blaire's World series and Oliver was no exception. Oliver is a foot soldier turned Captain in the Russian Bratva under Ivanov but having worked with Markov. As one can imagine it's a gritty and brutal world Oliver has had to live in from the age of 8 when he was forced to shoot at his father. When Amaya comes into his life it sets off a domino effect of chaotic events and emotions. While the story was engaging and entertaining I will say the immediate familiarity and ease between Amaya and Oliver seemed somewhat dubious considering his role. In a world of extremes where life and death are always at stake it makes sense that two people would cling to each other so intensely. Overall another amazing read and I hope there will be more to come. Oliver (Blaires World) Intense broken dark emotional.Oliver and Amaya forbidden love story kept u on edge.need more Oliver (Blaires World) Anna Edwards has another of the Blaire's World books, this time with Oliver.

Oliver has spent the last 20 years of his life, the majority of it in fact, in the Ivanov Bratva. He's now up to being 2nd in command, only behind Victor, the Pakhan.

Amaya has been raised in a cartel. She's nothing but a commodity to her father, one that he's now trading to Victor, only neither Amaya or her dad knew it was going to be forever. Victor did though.

Anna Edwards puts her characters through some real heck. There are a lot of terrible things that happen going on here, and Anna Edwards really balanced everything quite well. I really like Amaya's fire and strength and the way that she does everything she can to take care of people she cares about. Oliver is so broken, but he's a better man than he thinks he is.

Great Book. Oliver (Blaires World) Delve back into Blaire’s World with Oliver.
The dark twisted place of The Cartels.
Where women are degraded,humiliated and are worth nothing.
Where any men under the Pakhan are easily disposable and replaceable.
Where violence and death are the way of life.
That’s all Oliver has ever known since the age of eight.
His life is not his own.
He just lives to carry out the orders of The Pakhan.
He’s obeyed and followed through with cunning and the darkness of his environment his made him so hardened nothing is too much violence.
His brutality has led him to be second in command of the Russsian Mob.
But something inside of him sifts when he sees Amaya.
Amaya also knows what the life of the cartel entails.
She has been “lent out” much of her life.
When she “gifted” to the Pakhan she’s brought to her breaking point.
Both Oliver and Amaya are such strong people.
But it took coming into each other’s lives to find the courage they needed to try and take back their lives and change the course of their destiny.
But nothing gets by the head of the Russian Mob and he’s not about to be showed up by his second in command.
Great addition to the darkness that is Blaire’s World

Oliver (Blaires World)

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From Bestselling Author, Anna Edwards, comes a new Dark Romance that is part of BLAIRE’S WORLD. Anita Gray is proud to announce that Anna has written a BLAIRE original character!


My name is Oliver. I was a guard to Maksim Markov; king of the Russian underworld in Europe.

I’ve seen things that would turn a cast iron stomach.

I’ve stood by idly and watched endless acts of depravity.

I’ve created hell on Earth in exchange for fortune.

I’ve maimed, tortured, taken, and I’ve killed.

My mind is dark, my inclinations perverse, and my soul is black.

There’s no salvation for me—until Amaya enters my life; a raven-haired beauty with blue eyes that sparkle like sapphires. She’s the epitome of what my life isn’t.
I’m not worthy of her, and she certainly deserves better than me, but that’s never stopped me before.

When I want something, I take it, and right now, I want her—and I won’t let anything or anyone prevent me from making her mine.
Oliver (Blaires World)

Blaire's World has been an ultra amazing series that continues with Oliver by Anna Edwards. Dark, dangerous and dirty all wrapped up and dipped in a bit of passion.

The Russian Family where men are everything and women are less than and weak men have a short lifespan. When you know there is NO way out you accept and adapt then you transform.

I am the monster that lives and breathes second only to the Pakhan I don't have to love this life I am this life. I'm the toy traded by my father I don't have to love this life I have to live this life.

Wonderful characters that fit the story that's definitely a twisted theme that is the perfect length. A new to me author that started me off intrigued and left me entertained. Enjoy Oliver (Blaires World) 4.5 Stars

I read this in a single sitting! Anna has delved straight into the darkness of Blaire's World and has created something darker and more gritty than I've seen from her before.

The consistency of the world was excellent, and Anna really did it credit. I loved the way it tied into Anita's world, bringing the familiar into play and connecting it. The setting, and imagery were vivid, and the characters really drew me into the story. I was hooked!

The only issue I had was that some of the romance felt a little rushed, and some minor implausibility in their situation. However, this did not detract from my enjoyment of the story and with it being a novella it has limitations. I am eager to see Anna let loose her dark side again in the future and see what she can do! Oliver (Blaires World) I ventured into Oliver having never read anything about Blaire, but it read as a standalone. Oliver is such a tortured character and I truly enjoyed seeing him being transformed by Amaya. She was so unexpected to him and exactly what he needed. Amaya was not innocent by any means, but her innocence was shattered by the life she was given, not by the life she chose. This is a dark romance with triggers, but I am a fan of dark romances so I was not bothered by any of those aspects of this book. I found myself wanting more interaction between Oliver and Amaya and delivery at the height of the book, if that makes sense. There was definitely build up between them and what happens between them and I wanted just a touch more before the epilogue, but overall Anna Edwards did an amazing job. I am a fan of her work and recommend all of her books! Oliver (Blaires World) Oliver... Oliver.... Oliver.... sweet baby Jesus I need me an Oliver in my life. He is everything bad and everything to fear but at the same time you know when he loves he loves hard and is willing to do whatever to whomever to protect what is his. Yes he has killed, tortured, and done what ever he deemed necessary for his job but when he meets Amaya things change for him and he is ready to finally give his cold heart over to this gorgeous woman who makes his heart beat once again when it was dead.

Amaya is sunshine and purity and she takes one look at Oliver and knows she wants him but she also knows to be afraid of him. When she opens up to him and they finally get together it is explosive and and very very dark! Oliver (Blaires World) I’ve read previous books by this author so I was super excited to see she was releasing a book in the Blaires World. I wasn’t disappointed as I loved it.

Oliver and Amayas story is fantastic. Two great characters who I was rooting for.
At a very young age Oliver is taken into the Russian Mafia. He doesn’t have an easy life. He believes he’s a monster however we see a different side to him with Amaya.

Another fantastic addition to the Blaire World. I’m so looking forward to reading more from this author.
Oliver (Blaires World)