Finally a first rate investigation into CE (conscious experience) of NHI (non human intelligence). No presumptive theories just following the data and extrapolating what may be. Not since the days of Keel and Valee has there been such a insightful book. Looking forward to the next publication. BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (VOLUME ONE Book 1) Professional research and some of the best survey work I've ever seen. Should stand up well in peer review. Refutes questionable practices such as regressive hypnotherapy professionally with strong evidence based on sound research methods. Address the issues related to abduction research with and better evidence. Surveys done properly with acceptable numbers for a sample size and good cross cultural representation for an English language study. Very slightly weak in the literature search. There are periodicals that are available that contain studies of interest to the topic and I think that could have been added to the list.. Dr. Jacobs and Bud Hopkins are not the only two people who have done abduction research. It's not a huge problem to the actual research. I also would also like to see research regarding European, Asian, and Latin American cases in future work.

Writing is clear, thorough, concise with no meandering or rambling. Editing is well done. Looking at the kindle version I have not picked up any problems related to manuscript editing or setting. Multiple graphs using good variety of formatting. They are clear and easy to read even on a small kindle paperwhite.

My only regret is that this isn't available in a high quality hard cover. I would pay for that in a heartbeat. an 800 page paperback is not sturdy enough. Consider for further editions and books a hard cover numbered edition. BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (VOLUME ONE Book 1) a very concise explanation of our cosmic cousins BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (VOLUME ONE Book 1)


What i LIKED in the book:
the large, international sample of the survey
being the first research of its kind

the survey results are presented in a higgledy piggledy manner
MISLEADING TITLE: The science of consciousness like: the pseudoscience of the New Age community
they are trying to use science to prove science wrong
inaccurate scientific reasoning
mocking of existing science meanwhile giving credit to people (Adamski and other mystics) and topics (eg. telekinesis) which is proven to be a fraud or otherwise inaccurate (eg. consciousness' effect on quantum systems still being an unsolved problem in physics but they are promoting it like it was the ultimate truth)
Even if it contained actual, proven science the book would still be incomplete: they allegedly study consciousness yet they absolutely leave out NEUROSCIENCE
how they organized the experiences*, as well as leaving out the majority (it is said that the first 1000 accounts were analyzed out of 2 3000+) although i understand they don't have time to analyze all, but:
there were a lot of repetition, some account has been cited as many as 3 (!) times
many chapters were very boring and dry, not very informative
many answers to the questionnaire (like the purpose of contact) seems to be an opinion rather than a genuine information coming from actual beings
the answers for technical/scientific questions are mutually exlusive, like the structure of the universe/space time/dimensions. The number of dimensions are different in each account making me wonder either this information actually comes from real entities or if they actually know what are they talking about BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (VOLUME ONE Book 1) I decided to buy this book after an incredible expose by Rey Hernandez (a co author of this book) at Contact in The Desert 2019. There are many individuals in the UFO community that wish to shed light on the UFO question, which in my opinion isn't a question any. This book puts together a multi year study on NHI(non human intelligence) contact through many respected individuals in the field of academia including Rudolph Schild a previous Astrophysicist for Harvard University medical doctor Joseph Burkes, many others and it also includes an excerpt from Edgar Mitchell a NASA astronaut the 6th man on the moon.

What if there was an interconnection to our universe and consciousness, what if the many phenomena that individuals speak of termed Contact Modalities NDE's (near death experiences, NHI (non human intelligence, UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena), OBE (out of body experiences, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, ESP (extra sensory perception), Channeling were all related and could be explained simply through the scientific process?

Taken directly from the forward in this book There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena, only large gaps of knowledge of what is natural
Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut and FREE Co founder

What if our consciousness extended beyond our physical bodies and could be explained through the Quantum Holographic Theory Of Consciousness coined by Edgar Mitchell a NASA Astronaut.

This book puts together a multi year, multi phase study regarding those that have experienced the many contact modalities. This study includes several thousand individuals who are given a qualitative and quantitative survery upon. This book explains the NHI, UAP and consciousness through astrophysics, parapsychology (the study of mental phenomena which are excluded from or inexplicable by orthodox scientific psychology

On a personal level being involved in the Physical Therapy field , I feel there is something missing with conventional medicine, this book helps to bridge the gap for me. The book expands upon the many questions I have had regarding consciousness, our interconnectedness to our environment and healing through thought. If we are living in a matrix of a hologram and frequency dictates what we see, when we change our frequency we can change our perception. There is a deep explanation regarding blackholes, local, non local consciousness and case studies of NHI experiences. However what I took most from this book was that the majority of the experiences with NHI were positive inevitably pointing to the fact that human expansion will come with kindness and love to one another, our environment, all living and nonliving. This book has furthered my meditation practice and furthered my stillness within myself.

I can say as a seeker of the truth this book has helped to; although very thick in concepts and studies calm my mind, further my study of my inward work and to know that there are many people in the UFO, NHI, and consciousness community fighting for a free flow of information so we can expand and learn our innate connection to the universe. BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (VOLUME ONE Book 1) This is a remarkable academic study of several thousand respondents, in over 100 countries, of experiences of contact with non human intelligences. There is extensive discussion of the implications for our understanding of reality and science. It is a very large book, produced with a generous size of font, which is a blessing for those of us whose ageing eyesight has difficulty with tiny print. A wonderful book! BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (VOLUME ONE Book 1) I probably can't emphasize enough that the information in this text is not only priceless but so very thorough on each topic explored. This material is assembled in an easy to use format which I doubt you will find elsewhere in one publication.

When I received the book and opened the packaging, my first thought was the sheer volume of text. It wasn't long into the actual reading that I realized that this book would be hard to put down because of the various chapters that contained so much enlightening material. My 40 plus years of examining the topics covered in this text were expanded and presented with many new insights and stories. I had to stop reading numerous times just to try and digest some of the new concepts set out.

Beyond U.F.O. has come at a very special time. Some years ago, few would have recognized the material presented and many would have considered it as New Age Nonsense. But today with all the material that we have been presented with mostly thru the Internet and well written text by credible authors, this book will certainly be required reading for anyone who is seeking a scientific explanation of the topics included.within. I cannot recommend it enough and look forward to the follow up 2nd edition.

Recognized Canadian researcher GRANT CAMERON recently said that the answers to the UFO/Alien subject is not with our physical observations but will come thru the expansion of human consciousness. This book conforms Cameron's belief and I believe supplies some long sought answers. BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (VOLUME ONE Book 1) The Apostle Paul said we see through the glass darkly. Plato's 'Allegory of The Cave' expresses the same theme. Beyond UFO's is a superb effort to break through this glass darkly, giving us a view of what is on the other side. The research endeavors found in this book are being driven by an organization entitled, Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences (FREE). This material is post Disclosure.

The authors and editors have impeccable credentials and many are retired scientists setting them free from institutional threats, reprisals, and most government coercion and cover up. They are also a multi disciplinary group. Their thesis is that paranormal events (called Contact Modalities OBE's, NDE's, UAP's, NHI's, ESP, Remote Viewing, telepathy, precognition, channeling, etc) are real and tied to emerging human consciousness. Modalities are also interconnected. FREE's research approach opens a new, fascinating, and profound paradigm. In exploring paranormal events, they employ time tested and exhaustive questioners and analytical methods aimed at Experiencers (those who have actually undergone the paranormal events/modalities) from around the globe. This is a bottom up approach to disclosure. Their methodology is scientific, both qualitative and quantitative, and the book contains a plethora of impressive sources and endorsements.

Paranormal events have largely been ignored and shunned by mainstream scientists, the media, politicians, and others. FREE is removing the voodoo from this subject and giving it deserved credibility.

One paranormal theory, proposed by Dr. E. Mitchell, is the Quantum Holographic Theory of Consciousness (QHTC) which considers consciousness (defined as a field) and information (stored in a universal hologram) the foundation of everything. They permeate the universe and are fundamental. These two cornerstones essentially allow for quantum non locality, entanglement, superposition, and instantaneous communications in a timeless and placeless dimension. Exchanges between human and non human intelligences (NHI) takes place through the QHTC field using contact modalities. The energy for this process comes from the zero point energy field and it is enhanced by frequency resonation. One of the principle outcomes of this communication has been for NHI's to enhance human consciousness and DNA, toward some greater good; much is discussed in the book. The vast majority of the experinciers say their contacts and visits were spiritually uplifting and positive. The keynote of contact is spirituality rather than materialism.

NHI's are clearly here, and have been for a long time. Their principle concern is about our destructive environmental behavior, possible nuclear war, and how humans behave toward one another. The experiencers indicate that NHI's are here to help by modifying our consciousness and DNA in an effort to change our destructive values and attitudes. The universe is completely integrated (holistic) and humans do not follow this harmonious code. Many of the experiencers have witnessed human alien hybrids. There is much .

The FREE group say that this book is just a beginning and stress the need for research; they are also attempting to draw highly qualified researchers into their program.

This is an incredible book and I await the second volume. This book just may be contact modality/NHI driven. Thank you FREE.

We are disclosure


This 820 page book details the academic research findings of the worlds first comprehensive multi language quantitative and qualitative 5 year academic research study on individuals that have had UFO related contact with Non Human Intelligence (NHI) The FREE Experiencer Research Study.

Over the last 5 years FREE has collected detailed responses to 3 extensive quantitative and qualitative surveys from over 4,200 individuals from over 100 countries. Our survey findings from these thousands of Experiencers contradict much of what is circulating in mainstream materialist Ufology.

Our academic book will establish a new paradigm for viewing the UAP (UFO) Contact Phenomenon. FREE argues that Consciousness and the paranormal and psychic aspects of this phenomenon is the key to understanding this complex phenomenon instead of the traditional materialist perspective of nuts Ufology.

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences, or FREE, is a 501c3 Academic Research Not for Profit Foundation. FREE was co founded by the late Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Rudy Schild, an Emeritus Research Astronomer at the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University, Australian researcher Mary Rodwell and Rey Hernandez, an Attorney and Experiencer who was a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of California at Berkeley. FREE is comprised of retired academic professors and lay researchers who have been researching the field of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and contact with Non Human Intelligence (NHI) for than 30 years. The Executive Director of FREE is Harvard Astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild. BEYOND UFOS: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTACT WITH NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (VOLUME ONE Book 1)