Not As a Stranger By Morton Thompson

Read this when I was about 14 - it made a great impression on me about morality and ethics. It was the first book I had read where I learned that loving someone with your whole heart and soul might not be enough for them to love you back - it moved my 14 year old world and it still sticks wwith me 50 years later as one of the best books I ever read.
Thank yoou Morton ! 9781568491189 I learned from this book that a person can be in this world seemingly created for a life's work; can be near-flawless in the execution, but that he will evenutually discover that ends do not justify the means. The devil IS in the details and we are ALL bound to the same rules in life, no matter the size of our talent. This is the story of the making of one of the finest doctors ever to practice medicine but one who, with all his considerable ability, eventually finds that he plies his trade on HUMAN bodies and that THEY know the one thing that he resists learning; that he is one of us. 9781568491189 Lukas now you became a doctor
But let me tell you, it is not Tubercolosis,
it is not cancer, it is not diarrhea, it is not skin infection,
the most worst desease you have to treat
But it is poverty...

9781568491189 Türkçesi ''Bir Yabancı Gibi'' adıyla çevrilmiş Halk Kitap evi yayınlamış tarih yok üstünde .Sahaflardan almıştım oldukça güzel bir eser. Macar romanlarına eserlerine hayranlığım gittikçe büyüyor Antal ve Szabo ve diğerleri olağan üstü yazarlar. 9781568491189 I first read this book in high school. Reading it after 50 years in the medical field I found it was an entirely different book. It is the story of an idealistic man, Lucas Marsh, who, as a boy, followed the local town doctors around. Despite the objections of both parents he never wanted to do anything but become a physician. He becomes one, having married a Swedish nurse in order to finance his education. He and his wife move to a small town where he joins the practice of an older doctor who hopes to retire soon. Lucas is extremely idealistic and has a hard time adjusting to some of what he sees and experiences, including doctors who are incompetent, doctors who pad their charges with unnecessary procedures, kickbacks fro the druggists for prescriptions written, and the way doctors protect each other. He also resents his wife, now that he doesn't need her to pay his tuition. A typhoid fever outbreak, and then his first hunting trip with 3 other men soon changes his life and humanizes him so by the end of the book I came to like him. This story is set in the 1910's and 1920's but the issues faced by Lucas aren't much different today. 9781568491189

Kaç gündür elimde süründü ama kitabi begenmediğim için değil de...Bu aralar aklımın çok karışık olmasından...
Çocukluğundan beri tek hayali doktor olmak isteyen Lucas Marsh'in hayatini kaleme almış yazar...
Doktorlar hakkında o zamana kadar yazılabilecek en kapsamli kitaplardan.
Roman bana A.J.Cronin'in Şahika isimli romanını hatırlattı....Ama Şahika bence çok daha iyi bir hikaye idi...
Güzel bir roman idi ancak doktorun yaptığı tıbbi müdahaleleri, ameliyatları da kapsamli olarak anlatması biraz sıktı beni..
Kitabi okumadan inceledigimde de yazıldığı zamanlarda filmi de çekilmiş..Başrollerinde Robert Mitchum,Olivia De Havilland ve Frank Sinatra'nin oynadığı bir film çekilmiş...
Oyunculardan Olivia de Havilland görünce oynadığı rolünde ne olduğunu hemen tahmin ettim Lucas'in karisi rolünde Christina Marsh...
Bu rol tam ona göremis. Zira bu fedakar kadının değerini bilmeyen Lucas onu çok da uzecektir...Ameliyat detayları dışında çok iyi kurgulanmış bir kitaptı...Çevirisini de beğendim akıyordu hikaye...
Sahalardan bulabilirsiniz okumanizi öneririm... #Kitap #mortonthompson 9781568491189 Off to a strong start, but the last 3rd of the book was a mind numbing series of bloated speeches on the human condition and the business of medicine. I'd always prefer to have an author show me what's happening and let me form my own opinions rather than allow his characters to bloviate for page and after page on their own theories.

The book had a strong start and dealt head on with issues around marital rape, poverty, family dysfunction, and early 20th century views on the medical profession. He spent a goodly time exploring different characters and I was very optimistic about the story in general.

As the pages went by, the side characters continued to drop away until they were only props for the main character. So many missed opportunities to explore the motivations of others.

The main character was an incredibly unsavory person. Narcissistic, with a total absence of empathy. Was he supposed to be sympathetic? I found him repugnant. The women did not fare well at all. They fell into 3 buckets; spinster career women, vixens, and slavish spouses.

The ending? No, please, no. I can't even.

So why 4 stars? For the most part, the writing was compelling. There was lots of cool stuff about medicine during the first few decades of the 20th century and some food for thought regarding the medical community in general. 9781568491189 one of my first adult reads, it kept me going, but I really wanted his wife to just leave him! 9781568491189 I read this book when I was in nursing school (a long while ago) and never looked upon those cads of male interns the same again! 9781568491189 I read this as a kid, probably too young to have read it. Unfortunately because of when I DID read it, I didn't understand some of the things that were going on, since it is set decades before I was even born, and my knowledge of history at the time was rather rudimentary.

I'm not sure how I feel about it now, but I do understand the MC's much better than I did as a 12 year old. 9781568491189


Powerful novel about a young doctor who lives for medicine and sacrifices everything for his career. Describes his years at medical school, his practice in a small town and his devoted self-sacrificing wife who works to make their marriage a success. Some strong language. Some explicit des. of sex. Not As a Stranger

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